Pirates Could Still Qualify for Tourney

As the conference season comes to a close, the South-western men’s soccer team is still in the running for a spot

Dishon Isaac goes in for a kick , keeping the ball away from a Hendrix opponent. Photo by Maryhelen Murray

in the conference tournament.

The pirates have a record of 3-4 for conference play and 6-8-1 for all the games they have played. If the pirates can win their next two games then they will be able to qualify for the end of season conference tournament.

Though the Pirate’s re-cord is only 6-8, the team still played well this season. Even in the games where they lost badly, the Pirates had great spells of play.

“We are not a bad team. Even when we lost there were times when we were dominating play and showing our skill. We just need to find the missing piece” Sophomore Forward Thomas Davis said.

A great addition to the Pirate’s soccer program has been the new floodlights that were installed at our home field in the middle of the season. These new lights were paid for by the parents of athletes and have allowed home games to be played at night.

The new lights have brought larger crowds and a better atmosphere for both the players and fans.

The Pirate’s have also experienced a lot of fan support. There was a noticeable amount of support at the night games and the fan’s energy helped the pirate’s to numerous victories. At the Trinity game particularly, a large section of the student body made the drive down I-35 to San Antonio. Though the Pirate’s lost the game 4-1, the fans were great at cheering the team on.

“The fan’s really helped us get through that game. We could of given up a lot earlier but the fan’s support motivated us to play through it and make the most of it,” sophomore midfielder Steven Resnik said. Many of the fans tailgated before the game.

Though the season has been rough, there have been displays of great talent from individual players. Captain and Junior Forward Evan Perkins has been a huge part of the Pirate offense. After injuring his hand early on in the pre-season, Perkins has made a huge difference for the team.

His heightened play was recognized and he was voted the SCAC Co-Offensive Player of the Week for games played through October 3 and October 9.

“Perkins is a huge part of our team. Not only as a captain but as a goal scorer and offensive threat” Resnik said.

The Pirates have two games left before the conference tournament. To make the tournament, the pirates must beat University of Dallas and Austin College away from home. If Southwestern can win both games, then the SCAC tournament is early in November.