The Big Event Recap

By Kylie Chesser

Last Saturday began a new tradition on campus as The Big Event kicked off for the first time, an effort by SUSTAIN and Executive Director David Boutte to bring together the school and the surrounding business community.

“This was a great opportunity for Georgetown businesses to experience, without a commitment, the excellence that Southwestern students can offer,” Boutte said. “I have no doubt that these two communities can benefit from each other, and this was a great beginning to that effort.”

The Big Event (TBE) helped groups like the Special Olympics, The Caring Place, Annunciation Maternity Home, Habitat for Humanity, the Sunken Gardens of San Gabriel Park, Georgetown Animal Shelter, Hill Country Bookstore, and general Georgetown residents.

“A lot of the organizations we contacted are interested in being a part of TBE next year, and we’ll be more prepared, so hopefully we’ll be able to accommodate them with more students,” Boutte said.

85 volunteered to help coordinate this year’s Event, along with some faculty and staff. Students helped local businesses with various small projects to make Southwestern more visible throughout Georgetown and encourage civic engagement, with a heartening response from the community.

“We received $500 in donations for t-shirts, pizza from Cici’s, water and things from the SU Bookstore, signs from the OCE, and coffee from Starbucks,” Boutte said. “TBE was a huge success!”