New Softball Team Has Many Successess

Safe!This year marked history in the making as Southwestern University embarked on its first ever season of softball in the school’s 150 years of athletic competition. With this being the team’s first year, the team is comprised largely of freshman. Yet, despite this, the Southwestern women’s softball team has taken the SCAC by storm. As Coach Froboese said in the beginning of the season, “We are going to be a lineup that will be hard to stop.”

This last Saturday, the women’s softball team proved their coach right and humiliated despised rival Trinity University, asserting themselves as the team to beat in the SCAC. Fueled by a constant barrage of hits, Southwestern was able to win both games in a double header and gain sole possession of first place in the SCAC. With their victories, the lady Pirates have moved to 18-14 overall and 8-3 in the conference action.

After splitting the previous day’s games with Trinity, Southwestern came out in a fury. In game one, Trinity scored first in the second inning after a hit brought in a runner who narrowly escaped the tag by first year catcher Bre Lewis. With runners at first and second and no outs, Trinity looked poised for a big inning, but Southwestern held them at bay with stingy defensive work. The Pirates picked off a runner at second base and ended the inning with a double play.

The Pirates responded with a run of their own in the bottom of the second. First year pitcher Kaitlyn Pavlicek hit a single to left field to lead off the inning and was eventually moved to third base on a pair of infield grounders. With two outs, first year Taylor Turpin came up with a big hit to bring in Pavlicek and tie the game. Despite their good play, Southwestern then dug themselves into a hole, allowing Trinity to post two more runs in the third due to SU errors.
In the fourth, the ladies got back to work at the plate, taking control of the game. The Pirates loaded the bases multiple times, executed stolen bases, and scored on a wild pitch in an exciting inning to find themselves 6-3. Yet, the Tigers fought back and regained the lead in the fifth, relying on four singles, one triple, and more costly Pirate errors to go up 8-6. First year Lyndsy Maus came in relief for Pavlicek and closed out the inning.

The Pirates then closed in on the Tigers by scoring one run with two outs in the bottom half of the inning, Trinity pushed back and scored one in response to go back up by two, 9-7. Southwestern continued its hitting display, evening it up again on a double by Pavlicek. Pavlicek later scored, giving Southwestern the 10-9 lead. Southwestern closed out the game with some tough defense in the clutch, gaining a victory in a close, hard fought game.
In the second game, the Pirate’s utilized their defense and pitching. The Pirates also brought their bats back out, and lead Trinity 4-0 after two innings. The ladies continued to push their lead, scoring three runs in the fourth, and two more across in the sixth to force the 9-1 run rule and gain a victory.

Maus pitched a fantastic game for Southwestern to improve to 8-8 on the season. She allowed only one run and four hits while striking out three and walking none. Pavlicek, Wallace and Ambrose each had multi-hit games for Southwestern. As Bre Lewis said “Today, our play we proved we deserve to be where we are at. This team not only has a desire to be the first team to play here, we want to be the first team to win here.”

The 2009 Anchor Awards are Rewarded

An anchor.

Each year the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) presents the Southwestern Athletics Pirate Anchor Award to one male and female athlete who best display the traits that embody the spirit of the Southwestern community as decided by a student vote. Each year the SAAC nominates students according to community involvement, scholastic excellence, athletic and school spirit, and the endorsement of the athletic department.

This year included: Nick Parker from the tennis team, Ben Sloan from cross country, Kevin O’Neil and Eryn Snyder from the men’s and women’s soccer team, Jessie Carrier from the swimming team and Natasha Azizi of the basketball team. All are very accomplished athletes and active members of the community and their respective departments.

Nick Parker is a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa National Honor Society and the Phi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society as well as a Presidential Scholar and recipient of the Mellon Grant for academic research in the spring of 2008. Even as a double major in political science and economics, he finds time to work as part of student congress, the University Council of Discipline, as chairman of the youth advisory committee and as KA president. He has also been a swim coach and has worked as an organizer for Habitat for Humanity and Planned Parenthood.

Currently serving as Chaplain for the KYX Christian Fraternity and treasurer of the Methodist Student Movement, Ben Sloan is also captain of Southwestern’s Cross Country team and member of Pi Mu Epsilon National Math Honors Society, Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society, and Alpha Chi National Honors Society and was awarded the Norman W. Spellman Award in Religious Studies. A religion major, he has also been a camp counselor, Habitat for Humanity construction volunteer and Member of the St. John UMC Men’s Choir. Off-campus he is a self-employed studio artist with artwork publicly displayed.

A Brown Scholar as well as playing defense for the Pirate Soccer team, Kevin O’Neil was captain of the team for the 2008 season. He is a double major in physics and business and has been named outstanding senior of the year by the physics department. He is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa and three-year ambassador for the SU Admissions Office and Student Foundation member. A member of the PKA fraternity, he served as chapter president for the spring 2008 semester.

Anthropology major, goalkeeper and Captain of the Lady Pirates Soccer Team, Eryn Snyder has also worked with her sorority ZTA on their many breast cancer awareness events where she held several positions over the years including historian, reporter and PR programmer. She has been named MVP all four years has played for the team. She has done volunteer work with destination service as well as work as an intern for ACCION, a micro-lender that helps minority businesses.

Our very own sports photographer Jessie Carrier is also nominated for this award. A major in biology, she has also worked on campus as lifeguard, mentor for Operation Achievement and lab technician for the biology department. Considered a sprint freestyler, she has been the first Southwestern swimmer to go to nationals and holds several records in the team for which she has been co-captain for the past two years. She has volunteered with the Lone Star Circle as well as taught swimming lessons for several schools and YMCAs. Since 2008 she has been shadowing PA’s as she prepares to work in the medical field.

A Ruter scholar, Natasha Azizi is also a member of Alpha Kappa Delta in addition to playing on the women’s basketball team where she was co-captain for two seasons. Majoring in business, she has been a finance teaching assistant on campus and an intern with Green Life Eco-Consulting and Horizon Wind Energy. She has also been an ESL tutor and donation center volunteer at The Caring Place in Georgetown.

From this fine pool of nominees the award went to Eryn Snyder and Kevin O’Neil of the women’s and men’s soccer team. The Megaphone would like to extend their congratulations to these two very deserving winners and wish them and their fellow nominees the best as they get ready to graduate.

Farewell, Sports Section

We, at the Megaphone, would like to warn you that this article is satire. It is not real. Yes, that takes the fun out of it, but just letting you know.

popeIt is my duty to inform you with the saddest of hearts that your beloved Megaphone will no longer be able to provide you with updates about the going-ons in the Southwestern sports world. It has been proclaimed by the powers-that-be that the sports section will be discontinued henceforth because of a serious lack of interest in whatever used to be published under this title.

The reasons for this future omission of sporting data are no doubt complex and the reasons for these previously mentioned reasons are also probably rather convoluted. This is my humble attempt at explicating them, although with so many tears streaming down my face it is sort of difficult for me to form coherent sentences, of which I am sure by now that you are aware.

The primary reason for this disconcerting and drastic action I would assume is the lack of commitment by all, myself included but to a lesser degree, to our athletic institutions. We’ve all failed these pillars of our educational institution. No one reads the articles about the athletic competitions. No one wants to write these articles. Hell, hardly anyone even goes to the events. Generally, I don’t even know that they are happening. With such a great lack of sports articles, the sports page has slowly been overrun with ads, replacing the latest softball win with ads for the SU underground strip club or Keva Juice.

The sports section had a small attempt to be saved until the results came in from last semester’s Megaphone poll. When the poll asked for student’s opinion about the sports page the generally response was “I don’t read it.” After the Megaphone staff flogged the current sports editor, they came to the sad realization that maybe the sports page should be dicontinued.

So I would say, what we have here is a most dire situation. It would appear that the student body has betrayed its ideals for things like academia, American Idol and other things that aren’t sports. Where, oh where, did we go wrong? And who’s to blame? Who knows? If I had to guess, and I do because I’m writing this article, I would venture to say that it is our fair institution of higher learning itself that failed us. What with all the homework, the parties and the other crap that isn’t sports, Southwestern simply blinded us from the glory of athletic competition at its finest.

But enough about sports and the soon-to-be lack thereof in our school’s newspaper, think about all the cool and interesting things that can be added in place of content that has gone unread for at least as long as the Megaphone has been published. We could publish advertisements (my personal favorite), academic essays or my own personal rants (generally synonymous with academic essays and my actual favorite). The new section could be titled “Other Stuff” or even something more intriguing like “Necrophilia.” The possibilities are not actually endless and will probably end up with something stupid and, though unlikely, possibly more worthless than the current sports section. But who’s to say?

How Boys Basketball Finished in the SCAC Tournament

A picture of a basketball, courtesy of Google Images.Written by Nicholas Pierce

Austin College, DePauw University and Trinity University are contemplating one important question right now: “Where in the world did the Southwestern men’s basketball team come from?” All three teams suffered stunning defeats to the Pirates. In the last two weeks of the season, our Pirate ballers caught fire, propelling themselves on a run into the SCAC tournament that no one saw coming.

This streak began with Southwestern’s run in the middle of February, starting with a crucial, must-win home game against Austin College. The Southwestern men’s team met the Kangaroos and emerged victorious after a difficult, defensive effort. Yet, this win was more important than just a SCAC conference bid. As first-year James Davenport said before the Pirates’ journey to Arkansas, “Hopefully this win will get each of us fired up. We have been playing well throughout the season, but we have not been playing play-off basketball. Against Austin College, we raised our game to another level. If we bring that type of attitude and play that aggressively on both ends of the floor, we will be a very difficult team to beat.”

Southwestern then faced off against DePauw University in their first conference tournament match-up. Southwestern should have been intimidated, having previously been crushed by DePauw 81-54. Yet, our Pirates did not come in to the game the least bit phased or scared, bringing their newfound confidence to the court. The Pirates had an incredible first half against one of the best teams in the conference, shooting lights out from everywhere on the floor. The Pirates shot 50% from the field, 55.6% from three-point range, and 61.5% from the free throw line. Sophomore guard Nick Caputo was a force in the first half, coming off of the bench for the Pirates. Caputo went red hot and sank three from deep and converted three free throws for 12 points in just 10 minutes of play. Sophomore forward Jonathan Brown also served a huge roll, scoring 11 first half points. Southwestern went into halftime up by eight, 39-31.

The second half was a different story for the Pirates. DePauw came out with a vengeance, going on a few scoring streaks throughout the half. Yet, junior Zack Bergstrom seemed to hit a three pointer every time DePauw was able to make up ground and pull close. The Pirates finished off the game at the free throw line, knocking off a conference giant in the first round. Southwestern’s balanced attack and rebounding efforts were the key in their victory. Four players were able to reach double figures, with Brown scoring 16 points, Barber dropping 13, Caputo ending with 12 points and Bergstrom following with 10 points. In addition to this, Southwestern out-rebounded the Tigers for the game 44-29, dominating the boards.

As first-year James Davenport said, “This victory was huge for us. With the win we can bury a nasty 30-point loss from earlier in the season. It feels great to get revenge and at the same time some momentum as we advance to the semi-finals against Trinity on Saturday.”

Hoping to continue their streak and do what few considered impossible, Southwestern then went against rival school Trinity University in their third meeting of the year. Having lost to Trinity the previous two regular season games, Southwestern was hoping to make, as junior Anthony Cox said, “the third time a charm.” Luckily for Southwestern, Cox decided to take no chances on the matter. Cox proved to be unstoppable against Trinity, shooting 70 percent from the floor, dropping 18 points, and dishing out five assists. He did everything on Saturday night, playing some fantastic team basketball as well as putting on a one-man show. As Trinity coach Pat Cunningham put it, the Pirates and especially Cox “were penetrating to the hoop and finding people on the floor” all night long. Cox made “big basket after big basket,” putting Southwestern on his back.Senior Andrew McDonald also chipped in with 15 points for the Pirates, pushing them to a 68-63 victory and continuing a miraculous run.

When interviewed after the game, Cox stated, “As a team we’ve come a long way. We’ve been able to stick together and bounce off the losses. Playing team ball, that’s what we’re all about right now.” With their victory, Southwestern beat Trinity for the first time since the 2004-2005 season and pushed themselves into the SCAC tournament championship.

Southwestern’s final game of the season came against Centre. Unfortunately for the Pirates, Centre senior guard Kris Bentley made the night his. He tied an SCAC Tournament single-game record with eight three-pointers and added 31 points. Bentley propelled Centre to its second SCAC Tournament championship with a 72-67 win over our Southwestern University Pirates. The Pirates showed a lot of heart and fought hard in an effort to continue their late season run, but fell just short. Once again, Southwestern was paced by junior guard Anthony Cox. Cox finished the day with 16 points, seven assists, four rebounds and shot 7-for-12 from the floor. McDonald also scored a team-high 21 points on 8-of-11 shooting and grabbed five rebounds. Although Southwestern did not come back SCAC champions, they came back to Georgetown having experienced, as Caputo smiled and said, “the greatest weekend ever.”

Fake Off: SU Dropping Studies For Sports?

This is satire and does not express real life in any way. – Web Editor

Crazy Fan - Courtesy of Lane Hill Sausage Factory


Written by Andrew Dornon

Dear readers: as many of you probably know, El Presidente, Jake Schrum, recently sent out an email to the student body about how Southwestern is going to respond to the financial crisis. Some of his points were to not hire any new professors and to cut the amount of visiting professors on staff. Noticeably not on the list of ideas: stopping watering the grass and concrete constantly. This concerned citizen found the list completely unacceptable. Thus, I set out on my own fact-finding mission, complete with numerous surveys, thousands of interviews and plenty of incomprehensibly-detailed statistical analysis.
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SU Swim Team Breaks Records At SCAC Meet

Written by Kendra Lancaster
A Man, Swimming - Picture Courtesy of Jessie CarrierThe Southwestern swim team ended their season this past weekend at the SCAC Championship meet. The women’s team ended up in sixth place in conference with a total of 386 points and the men ranked eighth place with 245 points.

The men’s team had a great improvement from the previous year, scoring 68 more points than they had at last year’s tournament. Probably the biggest award of the tournament was Southwestern winning the award for the Women’s Coaching Staff of the Year.

The team had a great show at the tournament this year, breaking a total of 20 school records and receiving seven All-Conference honors. A total of 11 swimmers made podium by placing top eight in their individual races.
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Role Models Does Not Live Up To The Name

Written by Kendra Lancaster
Michael Phelps Smoking Cannabis - Courtesy of Google Images
By now, everyone knows about the Michael Phelps controversy. Not too long ago, a photo was released to the media of him smoking, what many believe, is marijuana.

This has not been the first time Phelps has had a run-in with illegal substances. After the 2004 Olympics, at the age of 19, Phelps was pulled over and charged with a DUI. He claimed this was an “isolated incident” and swore that he would work better to be a role model to his many fans. Obviously, he has fallen back in to thinking that he’s an “untouchable idol” after this last Olympics, where he was the golden boy. Phelps was on multiple gossip columns about his hard partying antics, his questionable choice in cocktail waitresses as girlfriends and an overall change in focus from swimming to having fun.

Unfortunately for Phelps, this has caught up with him. Since this photo has been released, he has had to deal with multiple repercussions, and is lucky he hasn’t had more. So far, he has only been dropped from one of his sponsors, Kellogs, who he chose over Wheaties because of their very high bid.
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SU Lacrosse Begins Their Last Club Season

Written by Lorena Saenz Coach Ernst - KC Shannon 
Twenty-six years ago on December 3, 1983, the newborn Southwestern men’s lacrosse team played their first game against the Baylor Bears losing 12-1. This Saturday, however, was a completely different story. Starting off Coach Bill Bowman’s final season, the Bucs showed the Bears who were boss in 2009 by winning the game 14-8 with an impressive second half.

For Southwestern, the game started off with Baylor scoring two quick goals, however senior standout Andrew Webb and sophomores Nathan Carney, Chris Lange and Thomas Mock got the Bucs back on track and before the end of the first half, the game was tied 5-5.
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Weekend Proves Successful for Pirates

 The men’s basketball team does well.  -Courtesy of Bernardo Schrimer
Written by Kayla Bogs

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams are coming out of an exciting weekend of play here at Southwestern. The teams battled Sewanee and Ogelthorpe to make for four exciting games.

“This year has definitely been a learning season, since we had a lot of people leave the program in the past two year,” senior Natasha Azizi said. “Every day people are learning more and more how we want to play Southwestern basketball.”
This proves true for the women’s basketball here at Southwestern. Now with a 5-13 overall record, the women had a bittersweet weekend. They started out with a match against the number fifth ranked team in the nation, Ogelthorpe. After a tough half, the Pirates were down by only one point at halftime.

“We knew we could compete with them if we played with heart,” sophomore guard Jennifer Tindle said. “Our strategy was to use our size advantage in the post and keep the tempo slow which targeted both of their weaknesses.”
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Equestrian Club Provides Opportunities for Horse Lovers

An Equestrian, Courtesy of Google

Written by Lorena Saenz

The great state of Texas has played a large role in the origination of the cowgirl and cowboy. A way of life, a culture, and a fashion are all included, and continue to be source of pride.

Being the first university in the state of Texas, it is only appropriate that Southwestern University is able to take its claim in this heritage through our very own equestrian team.

The Southwestern Equestrian Team is currently 10-12 active members with three team riders. The team representatives are Taryn Stafford, Derry Jameson and Lisa Scott. Continue reading

Dallas Cowboys Might Be Good!

By Kendra Lancaster

Any Cowboys fan would know the significance of last Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The two teams, both of which are in the NFC East conference, have had a long standing rivalry – which has only been deepened by Terrell Owens move from the Eagles to the Cowboys.

The last time these two teams met in Irving, the Cowboys unfortunately came up short in a painful and close loss; which put even more of the Cowboy’s pride on the line for this past game.

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Lady Pirates Win Tournament

Lady Pirates Volleyball

By Jim Surface

Our 25th-ranked Lady Pirates entered this weekend’s volleyball tournament boasting a 6-2 record and an honored position in the top 25 poll. They did nothing to prove that honorific undeserved this weekend sweeping through all three matches they played Thursday and Friday.

First up to face the vaunted Southwestern attack was Heidelberg, which came into the tournament with an 8-2 overall record. They would leave three sets later 8-3 thanks to strong front- court play by juniors Lauren Brown and Audra Gentry and a stout backcourt lead by Samantha Ligamfelter and Lisa Marie Cisneros. Southwestern dismantled Heidelberg 25-21 in the first set before surviving closer contests in sets two and three decided 30-28 and 29-27, respectively.

Friday, after 14th-ranked Austin College fell to McMurry University, the Lady Bucs took the court against Schreiner, who had earlier in the day defeated Huston-Tillotson in a five- set marathon match. Schreiner looked tired from its previous game. In its bout with Southwestern, as the Bucs won the first two sets with relative ease. Schreiner rallied back in the third set and handily defeated Southwestern 25-14, but in the fourth set, the Lady Bucs proved too strong for Schreiner. Audra Gentry, Danielle Bochat and Ali Zein-Eldin led the Pirates in kills with 11, 9 and 8, respectively.
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