Duarte Sets School Record:Cross Country to Compete in SCAC Championship Tomorrow

By Marin Bramblett
On October 6, junior Lilly Duarte set a school record for the 6K race. This personal accomplishment serves a milestone that marks Duarte’s achievement as well as the overall success and improvement of the cross-country team this season.

“We didn’t find out until the Wednesday before the meet that it would be a 6K. We thought it was just a 5K,” said Duarte. “Last year I tied the record of 23:07. I was sixteen hundredths of a second off!”

This year, Duarte broke the record by ten full seconds, crossing the finish line at 22:57.

“The end of the race was the steepest hill of the whole race,” Duarte said. “I kept thinking ‘How am I going to get there?’ Then I was like, ‘No! You can do this!’”

Duarte’s record-breaking race was a result of her hard work and commitment to the team, and Coach Francie Smith knows what an accomplishment that is.
“Lilly is really starting to come around now. She is a hardworking athlete and she has a good shot to run with the leaders at the Conference and Regionals meets,” Smith said.

Coach Smith recognizes the difficulties of Duarte’s position as the fastest runner on the team.
“It’s hard for Lilly. There is no one of her caliber which means she runs by herself. When you’re the top runner, you set the tone. It is a tough thing when you’re out there by yourself.”

Although Duarte has broken the school 6K record and set her own personal record for the 5K this year, she remembers to maintain a team mentality.

“We just want to come back stronger every time. Everyone has really stepped up and we have improved a lot this year,” Duarte said. “We’re like a family.”

Going through the difficulty of 6:30 am practices every day has been a bonding experience for the teams and has been preparatory for the Conference meet this coming weekend and the Regionals meet following.

Duarte, following the example of five-time Olympian Coach Smith, stays humble and wishes to send a message of gratitude to her team and her coaches for this season’s accomplishments.

“Thank you for being great!” Duarte said.

Tomorrow, the men and women’s cross country teams will be competing in the SCAC championship meet hosted by Dallas. At the most recent meet at Concordia University, the men and women’s teams placed fifth and fourth place, respectively.

Football Team Prepares for 2013 Season: Coaches Offer Opportunities for Growth, Leadership

The football team runs plays in preparation for next year, when the team will be playing its first season in over fifity years. Photo by Eleanor O'Neil

By Marin Bramblett

The fall semester of 2013 will see Southwestern’s newest football team in its first official season in over half a century.

This semester, the university welcomes players as they begin conditioning and practice. Although there are currently only 12 men practicing, Head Coach Joe Austin expresses confidence in their recruitment efforts.

“We are bringing in quality kids who are excited about Southwestern’s quality of education and are excited about a football team here,” Austin said.

It is quality over quantity right now with the team, as the coaches work with the players to build a culture and tradition for the new recruits they expect to be flowing in over the next two semesters.

“It’s difficult for them. There’s no one to show them the way and we don’t have much time,” Austin said.

Without a legacy and a tradition to guide the players, they are in a unique and difficult position that is only exacerbated by the rigorous academics of the university. Austin believes this will allow players to develop better time management and other leadership skills necessary for a solid team next fall.

“On Tuesday, October 9, we will be travelling to Ft. Hood to work with the Army. We will be participating in physical and mental challenges that develop leadership, problem solving skills, and team bonding. And it’s fun training,” Austin said.

For this training, Austin will be working with a Lt. Colonel that helped with Austin’s previous team at Hanover. Stationed now at Ft. Hood from Ft. Knox, Austin’s Army connection will be able to bring the team through Army training drills and help build team character.

“You don’t have role models, here. You are the role models. You will be the role models for the guys coming in,” said Tom Ross, associate head coach and defensive coordinator of the team.

Because of the unfamiliarity of this start-up situation, these men have a unique mindset. They have joined a new team where they will not get the opportunity to play competitively for a year. Austin believes all the men drawn to this team have the capacity to be good leaders.

“They can all learn to be leaders. It’s just a matter of who is ready now, and giving them the tools to be good leaders.”

With the addition of the new athletic teams, many campus community members expressed concern about maintaining the high academic standards of the university.

“Accountability is huge. Accountability to those who support football, to professors, to each other. They need to know the things they do affect others,” Austin said. “Have you noticed the signs coming into Georgetown? They now say ‘Home of Southwestern University’. That’s new. Even the community is excited about football.”

Austin hopes that the notoriety and visibility of the football program will improve and build a stronger sense of community in the university.

“We are going to change the whole feel of the weekends,” Austin said. “Tailgating will bring a lot of excitement. It will be a fun atmosphere.”

Football is also changing the school with new construction on the west side of campus. Currently, players workout in the weight room at odd hours to avoid crowding out other students. The new facilities will provide them with a space to work and will be more convenient for the rest of the health-conscious student body.

“Yeah, we’re pretty excited about the construction! It’s neat to see all the progress,” Austin said.
The football program recognizes this is a big change for the university. They have high hopes for next season and want to hit the ground running to make the school, the community, and themselves proud.

Pirates Prepare for Home Games: Men’s Soccer Maintains Winning Record

The men’s soccer team will face off with Centenary College on this Friday, and finish out the home weekend on Sunday against Austin College.
With the first half of conference play complete, the men stand with a record of 8-6. In the most recent game last Saturday the pirates lost to rival Trinity at home with a final score of 2-0.
Junior Goal Keeper Daniel Poole recorded seven saves in the 2-1 Concordia win earlier that week on Tuesday, including stopping a one-on-one shot at the end of the first half. Senior captain Evan Perkins came off the bench to score both of the Pirate’s points.
“The win gives the whole team confidence,” Senior Forest Baker said. “Our reserves played great off the bench, and everyone is feeling great.”
That confidence came in handy when facing school rival Trinity University, who were ranked number one in the country coming into the weekend. As a senior, Perkins reflected on his team’s history with Trinity.
“Trinity is huge,” Perkins said. “They look at us like a team that they can just come and beat up on, but we want to prove to them and our younger players that we shouldn’t be overlooked anymore.”
Perkins’ intensity is matched by his fellow captain, Baker.
“The Trinity game is always in the back of your head,” Baker said. “It’s a very emotional game. No matter the standings, no matter what, both of our teams step up.”
Keeping these emotions in check was important for both teams.
“We’re going to come out and try to land the first punch, and if we can’t then we have to respond well to theirs,” Perkins said. “We’re not going to back down.”
Despite the pressure of rivalry and conference competition, the team prepared for the match as if it were an ordinary game.
“If we play our game, and they play their game, and they beat us, then they are just a better team,” Baker said. “You have to make the other team adjust to you.”
Although the Pirates fell to the number one ranked team, the team was not discouraged by the loss.
“When you play these big games, there’s nothing to lose. Since we have nothing to lose, we come out with all our might,” Baker said.
The loss had a positive side, as many proud Pirates came out to support their men.
“We love it when everyone comes out to watch us. It’s why we play the game,” Perkins said.

Women’s Soccer Wins First Home Game

By Hanna Kim
The women’s soccer team is hitting the road this weekend to play Austin College on Friday and Centenary College, conference newcomers, on Sunday.

The ladies won their first home game against Howard Payne University last Tuesday with a final score of 1-0. First-year Ashley Moulder scored the team’s winning goal in the first few minutes of the second half.

“Our team gained a lot of momentum this weekend and now know the kind of effort and and intensity needed to go forth and show what we’re capable of as a team. This win is just a start for what’s to come,” said senior captain Lyndsey Resnik.

The team played two home games last weekend losing to the University of Dallas 1-2 last Sunday and Trinity 0-5 last Saturday. Senior Captain Sarah Nonaka believes these two games helped to prepare the team for last Tuesday’s win.

“Although the results from last weekend were disappointing, I believe they played an integral part in our win tonight. It is so important to learn as much as you can from every aspect of each game, good and bad in order to improve throughout the season” Nonaka said.

Jene Baclawski, head coach of the team, also keeps a positive outlook about the remainder of the season.

“The biggest thing for the girls is just pride and not giving them anything easy,” Baclawski said.

Freshman Kirsten Mazur plays center back on the team and was looking forward to playing at home last weekend.

“Everyone is excited to have home games. A lot of people are hopefully going to be there and the energy will really help us,” Kirsten Mazur said.

The women’s soccer team currently holds a record of 2-8 overall and 0-2 in conference. Despite losses, Nonaka expresses hope for future conference games.

“Hopefully with this non-conference win going into the second week of conference, we have begun to establish faith in the future and the continued success of our team for the remainder of the season,” Nonaka said.

Friends, Fans, Families Show Support: Power Up Pirates Weekend Celebrate Athletics

Numerous supporters, including family, friends and alumni, attended the various athletic events and activities during the Power Up Pirates and Fall Family Days weekend . Photo by Erica Grant

By Marin Bramblett

Family, fans, and prospective students donned their yellow and black in school spirit for the Power Up Pirates, Family Weekend, and Prospective Student-Athlete events last Saturday.With all of the events taking place and the extra people on campus, the students, faculty, and family were feeling the excitement.

Audrey Helburn is a sophomore soccer player for the women’s team. She hoped that the presence of extra support at campus events would intimidate their rivals at their upcoming games.

“We want to put some fear into the other team. Fans inspire the team. There is an ebb and flow to a game and fans help us come out of tougher spots,” Helburn said.

Helburn was glad her parents came to campus for the game and that they got to experience the excitement of the weekend and hopes that prospective athletes felt it, too.
Abbey Petrecca is a full-time athletic trainer who attends to the injuries of many school athletes. In the Athletic Training room, amongst a steady flow of athletes and coaches, Petrecca taped ankles and ran STEM machines.

“I am excited about the fans at the games. There is a different type of energy – better energy, enthusiastic energy. Athletes draw off this energy, and as an athletic trainer, I can see it. It’s contagious at big weekends,” said Petrecca

Power Up Pirates, Family Weekend, and Prospective Athlete Day brought more than just fans. Jamie Meshew, the new Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach, saw what the weekend did for athletes first hand.

“It brought positive energy to campus. Southwestern has so much to offer. It’s a great weekend to see all of Southwestern – get the full picture,” Meshew said. “Plus, it’s great weather!”

Men’s Soccer Makes Comeback

Junior Matthew Nickell prepares to pass the ball to his teamates during the team's match versus Colorado College last Friday. Photo by Kate Satel

By John Stickels

The men’s soccer team will face Austin College on Friday, followed by a trip to Centenary College in Louisiana on Sunday. This will be the first time the Pirates play these teams this season.

Last weekend the men’s team hosted Colorado College and the University of Dallas to open conference play. After losing the first game to Colorado College 4-0 on Friday, the men overcame a 1-0 halftime deficit on Sunday to beat Dallas 2-1, scoring their two goals in the first 15 minutes of the second half.

“The win was very satisfactory because although we did not play our best, we pulled out a win. It was a good rebound from the game against Colorado last Friday,” said junior Steven Resnik.

Senior Evan Perkins scored the equalizing goal in the first few minutes of the second half. The Pirates took the lead fifteen minutes later when junior Timothy Eamma scored the game-winning goal.

“It was great to finally win a home game. We are nearly perfect on the road and for us to come out and win was awesome. It is great to see so many fans come out to support us,” said junior Dane Beyer.

The Pirates have an overall record of 6-4, and are looking forward to the rest of the season. Senior Captain Forrest Baker notes that his team’s strength lays in the overall quality and skill of all the members on the team.

“We have a lot of very good players, we’re strong all around, and we have a lot of depth,” Baker said.

Due to the conference’s new calender, the Pirates will play their rival team, Trinity, twice this season, with the first game being at home on October 6th. The Pirates already have wins against Hardin-Simmons, UT-Dallas, and the University of Redlands (CA).

“We definitely have a chance to win the conference this season,” senior captain Evan Perkins said. “If we stay together and play the way we’ve been playing, we’ll be very good.”

Volleyball Adds to Winning Record

Junior Meredith Rollins Leaps for a hit in conference tournament hosted by the Pirates last weekend.

By John Stickels

The Lady Pirates volleyball team will be playing St. Edward’s University next Wednesday. Although it is a non-conference game, a win against the Hilltoppers is critical to maintaining the team’s momentum.

The Bucs are going in to their next game with a 3-0 win against Howard Payne last Tuesday.

“I’m really excited about our win against HPU. We played them about two weeks ago and between then and now we can already see differences in our own game and ways in which we’ve improved,” junior co-captain Allison Stubbs said.

The team won against Dallas and Centenary last Saturday with scores of 3-1 and 3-0 respectively. Last Friday the won against Austin College 3-1. The wins from their tournament last weekend and last Tuesday gives the ladies a 3-0 record in conference and an overall record of 12-4.

“Our goal all season has been to be playing our best ball in November, so to see the steady improvements in our team between matches has been really motivating,” Stubbs said.

Co-captain Rachel Thibodeau credits her team’s success to hard work.

“We have a very competitive gym,” Thibodeau says. “We’ve had some great practices, and it’s helped show how important hard work is.”

Woman’s Soccer to travel to England


By Arianna Haradon

Over Spring Break 2012, Southwestern’s women’s soccer players will travel to England as a team.

“We will be doing a number of things… from touring, to watching professional soccer, to working with the trainers in the [English Premier League], and actually playing professional women’s teams ourselves. It’s going to be an amazing way to explore and bond with the team!” captain Lyndsey Resnik said.



The majority of the team, as well as Head Coach Jene Baclawski, Assistant Coaches Amanda Garrison and Jessica Kim, and Assistant Athletic Trainer Shawna Loberg, will go on the trip.

“I really think that this is an experience none of us will ever forget, myself included. It’s exciting that we will be going while they are preparing for the Olympics,” Head Coach Jene Baclawski said.

As a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) team, the women’s soccer team at Southwestern is allowed to go on a foreign trip every four years. However, they haven’t participated in a trip since the 1990s.

“In our country, not a lot of girls grow up watching high level soccer, so we are trying to get the players here to appreciate the game outside of their own bubble of personal experience,” Baclawski said.

The players raised money themselves to go on the trip.

“People are paying in different ways. Everyone is responsible for their own way whether that’s through their parents or providing the money themselves,” Resnik said.

This trip will likely be an unforgettable experience for both the players and the coaches.

“An abroad trip is good for cultural experience. Soccer in England is the best in the world and we want to do a trip for team bonding. While we are there we are going to see [the English Soccer teams] Manchester United and Arsenal. Those are two of the best teams in the world right now. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Baclawski said.

While in England, the team will have a chance to improve their skills.

“The fact that we get to play professional women’s teams is intimidating but super exciting! I feel that it will help us as a team to identify with our strengths and weaknesses and be able to work through them together. It’s always a benefit to play a team that challenges you, that’s what defines you as a team and makes you a better and a more well rounded team. I know that all of us are very excited for what’s to come and plan on taking advantage of all the opportunities that this trip offers!” Resnik said.

During the trip the players will keep a blog at www.southwesternpirates.com and will tweet about their experiences at twitter.com/SUPirates.




“It will be neat for them to see how they compare to English soccer players. I hope that




they will make lasting friendships and gain an appreciation for the international side of the game,” Baclawski said.



Softball Takes on Crusaders: Girls Host First Game of Season

By Natalia Rodriguez

In their first game of the season, the SU softball team takes on University of Mary Hardin Baylor in a home game today at 1 p.m.
According to head coach Angela Froebese, the UMHB team presents some stiff competition.
“They are picked to win the west division of the ASC. We have played them well but have not beaten them yet,” Froebese said.

Froesbese says she has positive expectations for this spring.

“The season looks promising,” Froesbese said. “We return the top pitching staff in the conference and I believe one of the tops in the region.”

Following today’s match-up against UMHB, the Pirates will take on Hardin Simmons tomorrow, Schreiner on Feb. 21, Concordia on Feb. 24 and UT Tyler on Feb. 26.

“We are playing an incredibly tough non-conference schedule that I think will prepare us for conference and getting back to the regional tournament,” Froesbese said.

The softball program started in 2009.  The players who were first year students during the team’s initial season are now nearing graduation.

“This is the first year for us to have a senior class and we are excited about that,” Froesbe said.
Team member Lindsay Biggers says the team has put in a lot of effort in preparation for the season.

“I am really excited for the season to begin, as is everyone else,” Biggers said.  “We have all been working very hard and are ready to start playing games.”

Lacrosse Begins Season: Pirates Face-Off Against Goucher

By John Stickles

The SU mens lacrosse team faces off against Goucher in their first game of the season tomorrow
at 1 p.m.
Southwestern alumnus Bill Bowmen is set to lead a young team of athletes in his first season as
the head coach of the Pirate lacrosse team. Bowmen was on the lacrosse team during his term here as a
student and became an assistant coach after he graduated.
“I love it here at Southwestern. It’s where I’ve always wanted to be,” Bowmen said.
“We all really like Coach,” sophomore Michael Villa said. “His offensive system is  little different
from our last one, but I’m excited to be running something new. I think we can do great things with it.”
Villa is one of the sophomores with starting experience as a freshman, along with defender Cameron
“It should be exciting to see how a young team like ours matured,” Metzker said.
Being a member of a sports team can be challenging because of the SU workload, says Villa.
“It’s tough balancing classes with practices,” Villa said. “Some of the times on my classes overlap
with practice, so when I’m in class all I can think about is practice, and when I’m in practice all I can think
about is class.”
Proposed revisions to the so-called protected times would impose stricter rules on when
professors are allowed to schedule class study sessions, which could help student athletes focus on
both the student and athlete parts of their roles at Southwestern.
“We’re all huge fans of protected times,” Metzker said.

With the addition of field lights to the game field, the lacrosse team has been given more time to

“We have ten home games and for the first time we also have four night games,” Villa said. “Lacrosse is a very fast paced sport that’s exciting for players and fans alike. Everybody should come out
to the games.”
Bowmen says one of the team’s toughest matches this season will likely be against Hendrix.
“Colorado College won conference, but Hendrix is our biggest challenge. We’re very evenly
matched. Our last three games against them have all gone into overtime, so it’s always  a struggle,”
Bowmen said.

Volleyball Finalizes 30-4 Record: Players, Coaches Reflect on Accomplishments

The volleyball team finished out its season at the NCAA tournament on Nov.11. The Pirates fell to Chapman 3-1 in the first round of the tournament, bringing theirseason record to 30-4.

“Although we are disappointed with the lost, Chapman played phenomenal defense,”Head Coach Hannah Long said.

Both teams put forth a good effort in the match, according to Student Assistant CoachJulie Bartrip.“We playedour hearts out, and Chapman played their absolute best,” Bartrip said.

The team earned a spot in the tourney after the SCAC in Jackson,Mississippi.

The Pirates placed third in their conference, following Colorado College in firstplace and Trinity University in second.

“Being selected for the NCAA tournament is always a great accomplishment,” Long said.

The team’s high number of wins this season adds to a solid record from the past fewyears.“Over the last four years, we’ve lost a total of 19 games,” Bartrip said.

In order to achieve this level of success, Long says the Pirates invest a lot of time inpreparing for games.

“The team practices four days a week, plays against teammates two days a week, and hasone day off,” Long said.

The time spent together creates a bond between teammates, says one player.

“We love each other and are a family- always,” Elizabeth Sandoval said.

Looking ahead to next season, Long shares some advice for the underclassmen.

“Remember the work it takes to be at that level and keep us on successful path,” CoachLong said.

She also has words of farewell for the team’s seniors.

“Take the lessons you learned from being on team for therest of your life.”

Commenting on the team’s overall performance this year, Bartrip congratulated all players.

“Through wins and losses, we were successful. Thank you for an amazing season,” Bartrip said.

Pirates Could Still Qualify for Tourney

As the conference season comes to a close, the South-western men’s soccer team is still in the running for a spot

Dishon Isaac goes in for a kick , keeping the ball away from a Hendrix opponent. Photo by Maryhelen Murray

in the conference tournament.

The pirates have a record of 3-4 for conference play and 6-8-1 for all the games they have played. If the pirates can win their next two games then they will be able to qualify for the end of season conference tournament.

Though the Pirate’s re-cord is only 6-8, the team still played well this season. Even in the games where they lost badly, the Pirates had great spells of play.

“We are not a bad team. Even when we lost there were times when we were dominating play and showing our skill. We just need to find the missing piece” Sophomore Forward Thomas Davis said.

A great addition to the Pirate’s soccer program has been the new floodlights that were installed at our home field in the middle of the season. These new lights were paid for by the parents of athletes and have allowed home games to be played at night.

The new lights have brought larger crowds and a better atmosphere for both the players and fans.

The Pirate’s have also experienced a lot of fan support. There was a noticeable amount of support at the night games and the fan’s energy helped the pirate’s to numerous victories. At the Trinity game particularly, a large section of the student body made the drive down I-35 to San Antonio. Though the Pirate’s lost the game 4-1, the fans were great at cheering the team on.

“The fan’s really helped us get through that game. We could of given up a lot earlier but the fan’s support motivated us to play through it and make the most of it,” sophomore midfielder Steven Resnik said. Many of the fans tailgated before the game.

Though the season has been rough, there have been displays of great talent from individual players. Captain and Junior Forward Evan Perkins has been a huge part of the Pirate offense. After injuring his hand early on in the pre-season, Perkins has made a huge difference for the team.

His heightened play was recognized and he was voted the SCAC Co-Offensive Player of the Week for games played through October 3 and October 9.

“Perkins is a huge part of our team. Not only as a captain but as a goal scorer and offensive threat” Resnik said.

The Pirates have two games left before the conference tournament. To make the tournament, the pirates must beat University of Dallas and Austin College away from home. If Southwestern can win both games, then the SCAC tournament is early in November.