‘Can I Kiss You’ Entertains, Educates Students

Riley Webb

At Monday night’s, “Can I Kiss You?” seminar, over 200 students and faculty crammed into the McCombs Ballrooms. Surprising some who expected a lecture style event, speaker Mike Domirtz was not afraid to address the awkward stuff.
Addressing all SU athletes (who were required to attend the event), Mike Domirtz asked questions like, “Why don’t we intervene?”
Encouraging students to answer these questions out loud, Domirtz proved his point: that sex and relationships are awkward, whether people choose to talk frankly about them or not. Domirtz also had student volunteers act out scenes in which they asked for consent before getting physical.
“My favorite part of the seminar was when he got the students involved and had people come up and roleplay,” sophomore and Peer Health Educator Katie Lelinski said. “He really made it an event for everyone, not just a lecture. The topics were based off of his personal experiences, so he was an awesome speaker.”
In addition to addressing dating and consent, Domirtz also offered students practical advice on how to prevent sexual assault, stressing the importance of ending potential sexual misconduct at parties before it can occur.
“I never feel threatened sexually here on campus, but I know it does happen,” Lelinski said. “It’s important to be aware of those situations, and know how to prevent them.”
Betsy Naylor Warren, Wellness Counselor and Outreach Specialist, provided students with names of nonprofit groups that help sexual assault victims, like Round Rock’s Hope Alliance. Purchases made after the event benefited the Alliance.
“We raised quite a bit of money for our local Hope Alliance,” Lelinski said. “We were surprised, because we hadn’t expected anyone to come with their credit cards or cash to buy anything, but many people did.”
Finishing the show, the speaker ended on a high note.
“The people in this room get the right thing to do,” Domirtz said. “That’s what matters.”

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