Internship Dinner Features Speakers

By Brooke Chatterton

On November 13, the Career Services office will offer its annual Southwestern Stars Internship Dinner. In addition to dinner, the event has several speakers that will share their internship experiences and give internship tips, including student speakers Paige Duggins and Lindsey Moringy.

“Career Services has played a pivotal role in providing me with awesome internship positions since I’ve been a student here,” Duggins said. “I’m glad that I get an opportunity to share my experiences and hope that many students will take advantage of this special event.”

The keynote speaker for the evening, Dr. Antoine Moss, will give an address entitled “A College Degree Isn’t Enough: Intern C.E.O. Style to Standout in the Overcrowded Job Market!”

“Many reports and research studies have concluded that college students will graduate with extremely high debt and find it very difficult to find a job.” Moss said. “Today’s college graduates are unemployed and underemployed. After hearing my talk they will know the secrets to extraordinary success, which will be their ticket to landing the job of their dreams!”

Moss began speaking to students directly after high school and has spoken to students for the last ten years. He is the author of “Learn to Intern CEO Style: 71 Leadership Principles that Got Me and Now You Money, A Free Graduate Degree, and Respect.”

“Students will leave more confident and equipped with practical strategies that will enable them to achieve extraordinary success through internships.” Moss said. “Consequently, this will help them land a good job upon graduating from college as opposed to being unemployed.”

Students can contact Moss before or after his presentation via Facebook, Twitter or his website,

“Students can connect with me on social media right now for immediate empowerment!” Moss said. “They can also ask me any career, college, or success related questions before I via social media before I arrive to Southwestern University.”

An RSVP, with a deadline of November 6, can be found in campus post office boxes for this event.

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