Spanish Film Series Concludes Next Week

By Jennifer Fleming

The Spanish Film Festival is an international film event sponsored by Sigma Delta Pi, and Latinos Unidos. The festival will conclude Oct. 4 in Olin 105 at 8:00 p.m. with the last of five movies, Chico & Rita.

“It’s interesting to see other cultural approaches to media. These movies couldn’t be made in America,” Mckenna Cowley said. “And I’m not sure there are many American films that have as powerful an effect as Contracorriente, last week’s film, did.”

Spanish department chair Katy Ross helped organize the ongoing Spanish Film Club series, a program supported by Pragda, the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain, and Spain’s Program for Cultural Cooperation with United States’ University.

“The Festival’s purpose is to introduce students to the cultures of Spanish speaking countries,” Ross said. “The whole thing has been a group effort.”

This year, the series has spread to 43 Universities in the United States and Canada with each school choosing a particular theme. Southwestern’s team chose ‘Cinematic Sexuality/Sexualidad Cinematica’ to connect with the upcoming Brown Symposium.

“I found out about the international event and then pulled together Sigma Delta Pi and Latinos Unidos to organize a series on campus,” Ross said. “I discovered a company that does the work getting film rights and titles for us, and then we all watched the trailers and together chose five movies to show.”

Four movies were shown throughout September, but Chico & Rita will be the final showing for the year. Ross worked within the university to spread news of the events, but gives credit to the two groups for making the festival happen.
“I don’t consider myself the creator of this event,” Ross said. “Credit should go to Sigma Delta Pi and Latinos Unidos.”

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