Chant Contest to Promote Spirit: Student Foundation Sponsors Ongoing Competition

Submissions are ongoing for the SU Spirit Chant Contest sponsored by Student Foundation. As part of the “BeSouthwestern” campaign, students are encouraged to prepare a 30 – 60 second video showcasing their proposal for a new Spirit Chant.

“This is a way for students to express what it means to be a student at Southwestern and explore what school spirit is and what that means to them,” senior Kadidiatou Magassa said. “The pirate bikes, the story tree, and other things unique to our school can tie us together. We need someone to create a unified chant to sing at football games, something that defines and represents us as pirates, no matter where we are.”

Magassa chairs the BeSouthwestern committee that began last year to encourage alumni, community members and current students to be “Southwestern” wherever they go and promote the school throughout their lives.

“A lot of our pride here lies in our academics,” Magassa said. “Our faculty does a wonderful job and our peers challenge us, but we lack the creative spirit that gets students excited to go to games. That’s why we need a chant.”

Magassa met with Grace Pyka, Associate Director for University Relations, to brainstorm for the BeSouthwestern campaign.

“We came up with this idea for a Spirit Chant Contest as a way to get in spirit and express what it means to be an SU pirate,” Magassa said.

All entries must be original and appropriate, but any student, staff, alumni, or faculty member may submit a chant.

“You don’t have to be in an organization or anything,” Magassa said. “It can be any individual that wants to write a chant. Anyone who wants to submit should make a video, upload it to a personal youtube account, and send the video link and finished script to me [].”

A panel of students, faculty, staff, and alumni will select the top three chants based on their content, creativity, and relevance to the purpose of a Spirit Chant. The SU community through online voting will select the final winning chant.

“The chant’s purpose is to exhibit school pride and serve as a backdrop for athletic events,” Magassa said. “Lyrics should be enthusiastic, catchy (easy to learn and remember) and have an emphasis on crowd involvement. For the winners, there is a surprise, but certainly everyone will get to hear it. Alumni and faculty members will have a chance to learn the chant, and the student body will have a chance to practice it.”

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