Campus Organizations Support Charities

Kappa Sigma brothers promote their philanthropy fundraiser "Bieber Fever." They plan to continue palying Justin Bieber songs until they collect enough money to meet their goal. Proceeds of the event will benefit The Caring Place.

By Kylie Chesser

Efforts of various campus organizations throughout the past few weeks have raised money for organizations like Austin Bat Cave (ABC), The Caring Place, Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association.

The Office of Civic Engagement is currently recruiting volunteers for Austin Bat Cave, a nonprofit that offers free writing programs to kids, for their Carnival Madness event on Nov. 10.

“Austin Bat Cave is vital to our community’s well being,” Alyson Banda, Coordinator of Civic Engagement, said. “They offer creative writing workshops and after-school tutoring for students who need supplemental support. By supporting the work of teachers, Austin Bat Cave is strengthening the education system at the ground level.”

The Kappa Sigma fraternity did their part on Wednesday by raising money for The Caring Place with an event called ‘Bieber Fever.’

“We played Justin Bieber music on the mall until our donation jar was full,” sophomore Logan Raye said. “It was a fantastic idea, annoying people until the money was raised. We didn’t have decorations or anything, but the event was really fun and fit the fraternity well.”

Alpha Delta Pi also hosted their third annual ‘Mocktails’ non-alcoholic drink making competition, with an All-American theme, in the Bishops Lounge on Wednesday. Teams paid $20 each to compete, and attendees paid $3 per ticket to try the drinks. The money raised went to the Ronald McDonald House Charity, which serves families with critically ill or injured children.

“With the Olympic victories and the presidential election this year, we know you’re just bursting at the seams with pride for the good ole U.S.A,” sophomore Morgan Drake said. “Because we want to support RMH in every way possible, we also [accepted] donations of the non-perishable items on the RMH Wishlist.”

Earlier in the week, Phi Delta Theta held their own charity event: a car wash in their house parking lot on Oct. 5, with $5 as the minimum fee. Proceeds from the event benefited the ALS Association to fund their research to cure Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The ladies of the Delta Delta Delta sorority recently hosted their annual Kickin’ It For the Kids. The event included a kickball tournament, water balloons, and other activities. Proceeds were donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Chandler Lentz bowls in the Zata Tau Alpha's Strikhe-A-Thon , which raised funds for the fight against breast cancer . The event included bowling, late night breakfast and karaoke. Photo by Kerry Quinn

The SU chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority sponsored a Strike-A-Thon last week, where students were invited to enter a bowling team and help fight breast cancer. The sisters offered prizes, karaoke, and a late night breakfast in addition to a night of bowling.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of campus organizations, the philanthropic events have been a success and will continue to be in the future.

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