Friends, Fans, Families Show Support: Power Up Pirates Weekend Celebrate Athletics

Numerous supporters, including family, friends and alumni, attended the various athletic events and activities during the Power Up Pirates and Fall Family Days weekend . Photo by Erica Grant

By Marin Bramblett

Family, fans, and prospective students donned their yellow and black in school spirit for the Power Up Pirates, Family Weekend, and Prospective Student-Athlete events last Saturday.With all of the events taking place and the extra people on campus, the students, faculty, and family were feeling the excitement.

Audrey Helburn is a sophomore soccer player for the women’s team. She hoped that the presence of extra support at campus events would intimidate their rivals at their upcoming games.

“We want to put some fear into the other team. Fans inspire the team. There is an ebb and flow to a game and fans help us come out of tougher spots,” Helburn said.

Helburn was glad her parents came to campus for the game and that they got to experience the excitement of the weekend and hopes that prospective athletes felt it, too.
Abbey Petrecca is a full-time athletic trainer who attends to the injuries of many school athletes. In the Athletic Training room, amongst a steady flow of athletes and coaches, Petrecca taped ankles and ran STEM machines.

“I am excited about the fans at the games. There is a different type of energy – better energy, enthusiastic energy. Athletes draw off this energy, and as an athletic trainer, I can see it. It’s contagious at big weekends,” said Petrecca

Power Up Pirates, Family Weekend, and Prospective Athlete Day brought more than just fans. Jamie Meshew, the new Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach, saw what the weekend did for athletes first hand.

“It brought positive energy to campus. Southwestern has so much to offer. It’s a great weekend to see all of Southwestern – get the full picture,” Meshew said. “Plus, it’s great weather!”

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