Cullen Building Still in Progress

Since beginning renovations in the Roy and Lillie Cullen Building last year, a new central A.C. system and n ew bathrooms and windows have been installed. Photo by Kelsey Baker

By Hannah Steen

Part of the ongoing renovation process both inside and outside the Cullen building was completed in August. Now that the second and attic floors of the building are finished, the professionals who work there have moved back in.

“[We] needed the renovations because of the outside windows, air conditioning, and electrical issues,” Bob Mathis, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services, said. According to Mathis, the attic is now housing several brand-new air conditioning units that filter and clean the outside air and provide it to the entire building centrally. “[This] is a much more efficient and centralized system than before,” Mathis said.
Along with the A.C. system, new bathrooms have been added to the second floor and the elevator has been widened to comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

The elevator also now has access to all four floors of the building.“The bathrooms and the elevator were changed because of ADA code,” Mathis said. “There were only bathrooms on the first floor and in the stairwells previously, so we needed to comply with those rules and make the bathrooms easier to access.”
The outdoor windows were also replaced in accordance with the Texas Historical Commission to create a more energy-efficient environment. The University Relations Department was moved to one floor in the building to create a closer working environment for the team.“The relocation prepared [the department] for coming back because they were all in one building on one floor and they had to share some things,” Mathis said.

The next phase of the renovations is to create classrooms on the third floor as well as a learning commons where students can go to study or work on group projects.The projected commons will have a flat screen able to hook up to a laptop, a small kitchenette, and chairs and tables throughout the area. This phase will be put into effect once the next financial package is approved and complete.

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