SU Natives Powwow

By Joana Moreno

This weekend is a full of exciting things to explore. On Saturday, April 14th, from 11AM to 9PM   SU Native will be hosting its 8th Annual

Pow-Wow in the Robertson Center

A typical pow-wow is social gathering that consists of dancing, drumming and singing as well as a Head Staff that leads the dancers. This year’s head staff consists of a Head Man, Head Lady, Head Gourd, MC, and Arena Director. Southwestern’s pow-wow is different though.

“Most Pow-wows are competition-based, where dancers are graded on their skills and earn monetary prizes for the highest rankings. We choose to host a non-competition Powwow because we want to foster the social aspect underlying the Pow-wow gathering instead of encouraging competition” said Samantha Sada and Marina Staber, leaders of SU Native. This year’s pow-wow also comes with extra uniqueness from the previous as it will include a storyteller during the daytime and a Native American band during the later hours of the event.

The purpose of this is event to educate the Southwestern community in a fun way. “We host our Powwow to increase community knowledge about Native American traditions. In addition, we try to make our event entertaining and fun!” added the SU leaders.

The pow-wow was possible through funding by DEC, Community Chest, Fleming, and McMichael.

SU Native is very grateful to those who helped make this pow-wow possible. “We would like the thank everyone who has helped us organize this event. Without community support, our Powwow is not possible” Staber said.

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