Empty Bowls Project Lunch

By Joana Moreno

This year’s Brown Symposium ended last Tuesday with the Empty Bowls Project Lunch, an event that not only filled stomachs with soup but helped the community in need.

The Empty Bowl Project is a movement in which “ceramic artists make these bowls and then sell the bowl, fill it with soup and people get to keep the bowl and all themoney will be donated, in this case to The Caring Place and Meals on Wheels,” said KiraMcEntire, a junior biology and environmental studies major and one of the many people involved in the event.

The lunch featured donated ceramic bowls and food. The soups were donated by Monument Café. Tony& Luigi’s, Pei Wei, and Southwestern’s own Dr. David Asbury.

“All of the bowls were created by students, faculty and staff in the SouthwesternCeramics Program” said Kira.

This year’s lunch has shown a larger attendance.

“This is the biggest oneSouthwestern has ever had. From 11:30 AM to 12PM we sold about 130 bowls. We started with 190 and we were left with three,” said Kira.

The event was brought together through the contributions of the Arts in ActionPaideia cohort and the Brown Symposium.

For more information on the Empty BowlsProject check out their webpage at www.EmptyBowls.net.

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