New Semester Brings New Clubs: Groups Serve Different Interests

By Areli Gutierrez

Some new student organizations are kicking off this semester, including Poetry Club, Board Game Club, Philosophy Club and News Update Group.

Annie Emswiler, a first year English and Psychology double major, started the Poetry Club for the enjoyment of reading and writing poetry.

The goals of the Poetry club revolve around reading and composing personal poetry, written around a specific theme picked beforehand. The club focuses on fun and relaxation while encouraging creative writing.

“I mainly want to foster a creative and accepting approach to self-revelation because sharing poetry is extremely personal and the people who decide to join are going to have to be very open and accepting of each other,” Emswiler said.

Information about the meeting time and place will be posted in the campus notices.

Senior Kory Pane, a philosophy major, started the Philosophy Club for students majoring or minoring in philosophy as well as others interested in the subject.

“I want the Philosophy club to work as a supplement to classes that are already being taken in the Philosophy department or independent readings that someone is doing,” Pane said.

This club hopes to be a forum where people can challenge or support potential ideas.

“I wanted the Philosophy club to be a place where people can come and bring their ideas out in the open and a place where they can talk about the subjects that are being covered in class to see if anybody can help work through something that they may be struggling with,” Pane said

The Philosophy Club meets on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. at the Cove.

The Board Game Club, also started by Pane, focuses on a much lighter subject, providing a place where students can have a fun time playing board games.

“Too many people at SU feel like they are on an island of stress all to themselves and it unfortunately makes them withdraw socially. I want to do what I can to help provide a safe haven from all that, at least for a little while,” Pane said.

The games played cover a wide range of categories and include games such as Scattergories, Cranium and Munchkin. The Board Game Club meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Cove.

The News Update group was started by Colin Berr, a junior International Studies major with a minor in business. This group aims to bring awareness of cu rent events to the students.

“I found it very easy in the SU bubble to lose track of the world and I wanted this to be a discussion of society and the world. It’s a group for whoever is interested and wants to stay updated in current affairs in the world,” Berr said.

This group is an informal gathering of anyone who is interested in sharing and discussing news over dinner.

“The idea is not to take too much time out of the day, but to be able to discuss over dinner and make it accessible to everyone. Everyone’s going to share something and we’ll just go around and it will be a big enlightening session,” Berr said.

The News Update group meets on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Shilling Room.

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