“Threads Through Time”

Southwestern University Senior Kirby Crone’s exhibit, “Threads Through Time” runs
from November 16th to December 2nd, 1-5pm in the Fine Arts Gallery, located in the Sarofim
Fine Arts Building. This visual treat is not to be missed.

Crone’s exhibit consists primarily of oil paintings, but also features two wood prints and apainted metal sculpture. The woodprints, “Hodgepodge Heads” and “Hodgepodge Hands”, feature gorgeously rendered heads, hands, and feet.

Crone states, “The prints are representational depictions of portraiture using the hands,feet or heads of people as “signifiers” to represent their identities.”The prints are larger than life, and standing before them is an experience.

The paintings are larger than life as well, and explosively colorful.

Several paintings are, “abstract “portraits” of people signified by the patterns in the clothes they wear” Crone said.

This is a unique and fascinating way to see people, and will make the viewer wish theyknew the personalities who inspired these brilliant depictions.

The other paintings are, “derived from original family photos” Crone said.

Not only are these slices of memory for Crone, they hold deep emotional meaning.

The brush marks, the careful attention to the mixing of the paint, and the way I move the
paint around the canvas coalesce to simulate the deep love and bonds of adoption” she said.

It is a testament to Crone’s talent that not only are the paintings initially visually stunning
and fun to look at, they seem to shift on the canvas depending on perspective.

“Mom” and “Dad,” are primary examples. Up close they are beautiful patchwork patterns, but upon
looking at them from across the room a pattern of ties hanging in a closet emerges in “Dad” and
shapes of dresses emerge in “Mom.”

The same holds true for all of them. Krone’s use of paint and mixed media such as glitter and sequins invites a closer look, and the viewer will have to resist the urge to reach out and touch the raised whorls of paint rising from the surface.

Throughout the exhibit, Krone’s presence is strong and her style unique. It holds a strong sense of nostalgia. Threads of Time flies in the face of the idea that abstract art cannot express specific and significant ideas, and is sure to stun.

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