Casino Night

Students can enjoy a night of gambling without the fear of losing big on Dec. 2. Casino Night will take place that night at 9 p.m. in the Bishops Lounge. There is no fee for entrance, and students automatically receive a

ticket at the door that enters them into a raffle. After that, attendees can get additional tickets entered by winning games.

“The more you play, the more chances you have to win,” Daniella de Peña, co-chair of Casino Night, said.
The games that will be present at Casino Night include black jack, roulette, and slot machines, all provided by the party-planning company Casino Knights. The University Programming Council (UPC), the group behind Casino Night, has trained people to act as dealers at the event to provide an authentic experience.

Although the games don’t involve real money, there is still the opportunity to win big. A wide array of prizes can be won from the raffle, ranging from practical household

items and kitchenware, such as spatulas and a Panini press, to the more entertainment-geared gifts like gift cards to the Mac store.

“A Kindle is what we’re looking into for the grand prize,” de Peña said.

Casino Night is entirely free, and there will be drinks and food available throughout the night in addition to the opportunity to ‘gamble’ and socialize in the Cove.

“We’ll have ‘mocktails’ – drinks mimicking cocktails with no alcohol, like Shirley Temples. And music – we’re going with a 1930s, 1940s Frank Sinatra-y theme,” de Peña said.

Casino Night takes place at the very end of the semester, with finals fast approaching. De Peña emphasizes the benefits of holding it at a time when anxiety is high.

“[Casino Night is] relaxing; [it's] a fun way to relieve stress right before finals. It’s kind of … a care-free zone where you can just have fun for one final night,” de Peña said of her experience with the event freshman year.

De Peña is in charge of the event along with fellow co-chair Audrey Barrett and UPC point-person Austin Beckford. Casino Night is run by the UPC and supported by Alpha Phi Omega (APO).

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