Students Anticipate the Release of New Skyrim Game

Tonight at midnight, students waiting anxiously in line at Gamestops everywhere will see the first sales of what may just be the Game of the Year, as Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is finally released.

“I’m getting it as soon as it comes out,” first-year Marion Clendenen said. “It’s been years in the making, so Bethesda has taken so long to develop Skyrim’s storyline that I have faith the game will be awesome.”

That storyline centers on civil war in the mountainous land, as its empire falls and dragons return to destroy its cities. Five of these are large, main areas, while 15 minor villages can also be explored.

“The game play and the graphics are going to be unreal,” sophomore Jake Balderama said. “But I’m most excited for the storyline and the vastness of the world that Bethesda built for the sake of the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls.”

This installment features multiple improvements from earlier Elder Scrolls games, like Morrowind or Oblivion. Dual wielding is a new ability, where each hand can equip its own weapon. Fresh combat advantages like this are complimented by a new, simpler leveling system and journal interface.

“The game is definitely a complex of improvements from Oblivion, a game that was great in itself,” first-year Nick Kellogg said.

The graphics of the new world of Skyrim were a main focus for the Bethesda team, and their hard work shows in everything from the falling snow of the mountaintops to the multiple new options for facial structure when designing a character.

“I got to play a version of the game early on xBox Live,” Kellogg said. “The graphics are astounding. Looking up at the sky in-game is just like looking up when you’re outside.”

Despite so many changes Bethesda has made to improve the style of the series, its tried-and-true ‘open-world’ theme has not been tampered with.

Skyrim offers the familiar freedom of choice and open-ended game play that the company is famous for, as in the Fallout series and previous Elder Scrolls releases.

“Bethesda’s progress in the Fallout games speaks for their potential to keep improving, so I know the graphics of Skyrim will be even better than Oblivion’s. The snowy mountains of this new land should be much more engaging than summery Oblivion, because the harsh weather is more realistic. The map is expected to be much easier to navigate, as well.”

Any place on the map is open to exploration, any rumor available to be chased—the main quest does not hamper a player’s freedom to wander, as so many students will do when they get their hands on the anticipated game at 12:01 Friday morning.
Many students are excited for the midnight release of this highly anticipated game.

“Skyrim is going to be the Game of the Year,” Balderama said. “It encompasses over 250 hours of game play, and the fact that you can face dragons in their entirety is awesome. I’m very excited about the release.”

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