Students Anticipate “Inheritance” Release

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The final and long-awaited installment in Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance” series will be released November 8,
after years in hiatus following the 2008 release of “Brisingr”, the third book. As students and other fans of all ages line up at Barnes & Noble stores both in Austin and across the world, midnight release parties are expected to be in full swing before the first copy is sold.

“I really look forward to the book release,” first-year student Jon Sigurdsson said. “It’s been a long time coming. I started the series when I was about fourteen and the last book has been over three years in the making.”

Paolini has announced that the fourth novel, named “Inheritance” after the series features a new, male green dragon with an unknown rider and various deaths. He has also teased readers with spoilers like “a one-sided game of knucklebones, an evil assassin, bags of flour, a water-born battering ram, streets lined with lead and a knife in the back.” The book will also feature the alchemist, Angela, who will play a more prominent role than in previous stories.

“There is a lot more to Angela than meets the eye,” Paolini said. “If you like her, you’re in for a treat with Book Four. Angela gets several crowning moments of awesomeness therein.”

Readers will also finally meet Galbatorix, along with multiple new characters.

“I’m excited for both fresh characters and reappearing familiar ones. Considering the gap between the books, anyone is going to seem fresh at this point either way,” first year Hallie Harrison said. “The long time it’s taken to release the fourth book could just be attributed to writers block, or perhaps he wanted to build suspense. Who knows?”

Paolini began writing at age 15 and self-published the first book years later.

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