THE CHALLENGE, an event sponsored by Students for Environmental Activism and Knowledge (SEAK), will take place at 5:30 p.m. on the mall today.

“The purpose of the event is to raise awareness around issues related to composting andrecycling,” sophomore Joey Kyle said.

THE CHALLENGE is a tag competition in which players dress as recyclable objects andtaggers attempt to sort them into correct compostable and recyclable categories.

Prizes including gift cards and concert tickets will be awarded to the winners. SEAK will also hand out environmental literature.

Yesterday, SEAK hosted a drum circle to advertise the event in the Commons and hand out environmental fortunes.

SEAK’s ultimate purpose for this year is to get bottled water off campus and contribute to the University’s sustainability.

“In the upcoming months there will be a revamping of past compost systems and our hopes are that people will be educated enough to have a self-sustained compost system,” Kyle said.

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