“Dero Fix-It” Bike Repair

Next semester will bring new conveniences to cyclists and bike lovers at the university through a bike repair station called a “Dero Fix-It” and a bike part vending machine that will beinstalled on campus.

“[A Dero Fix-It] is a bike stand with tools and a pump attached to it. You can mount abike and do minor repairs on it. There will be attached instructions for things like fixing flats,”senior Ben Parafina said. In conjunction with SEAK, Parafina received a Seed Grant and a King Creativity Grantto organize the creation of a bike repair station and install a bike part vending machine oncampus.

“A repair station would benefit the student body because students’ own bikes can be a phenomenal way to travel across campus or elsewhere, but certain things, such as flat tires or a broken chain, can prevent these bikes from being functional,” sophomore Sean Stone-Ashe said.

“A bike repair station would therefore benefit the student body by giving them the ability to quickly and easily fix their bike woes,”Parafina is something of a bike expert around campus.

In addition to working for the non-profit bicycling organization Bike Texas, he built his own bike on campus. Parafina’s experiencewith bikes inspired him to organize the bike repair station.

“As gas got more expensive, more of my friends got bikes and people would come to meto get their bikes fixed. I just wanted to make sure people could fix and ride their own bikes,” said Parafina.

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