Southwestern University Veterans Association

Honoring Veterans in attendance at Southwestern

The Southwestern University Veterans Association is an organization that helps
student-soldiers adjust to life on campus.

“The organization was founded to help veterans and the dependants of veterans that
attend Southwestern adjust to college life,” said organization secretary Isidoro Ramirez. “We
also hope to promote awareness. We are here on campus; we don’t all have PTSD. We’re just
normal people.”

The SUVA is only a semester old. “We started during spring semester last year.
Shannon Johnson is our president. She is studying biology to go pre-med,” said Ramirez.
Other founding members include Kayla Golden, Mike York, and Aaron Smith. “We’ve
received a lot of support from the students and faculty. The university helped a lot with getting
everything we needed to become a registered organization. Southwestern is a very welcoming

The SUVA also helps those who have parents that serve in the military. “It is
important to include them [in SUVA] because it is really hard for them to have parents that are
deployed. We’ve been deployed, so we know what it’s like and can give them support that other
people can’t.”

Additionally, Ramirez added, “Anyone that wants to help [SUVA] can stop by our
meetings. All are welcome. Meetings are held once a month on Thursdays around noon.”

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