Kigga Sigma Renovates

Blake Carrera and Adrain González show off the newly renovated kitchen.

Students arriving on campus for move-in day noticed something different about the
Kappa Sigma Iota house. Over the summer of 2011, the house had been thoroughly cleaned,
washing away roughly 50 years of Kappa Sigma dirt.

“[The new Kappa Sigma house] is a great atmosphere for people to come by and let their
troubles of the day go,” said Kappa Sigma brother Michael Robert Richard Korman.
In celebration of their 125th anniversary, the Kappa Sigma Alumni Association donated
$103,000 for the renovation of the house. This renovation included a brand new bathroom and
kitchen, new bamboo floors, new furniture, and a thorough power washing of the exterior walls.
Further plans for the 125th a

The new bamboo flooring and freshly painted stairs give a the "Sig House" a lift.

nniversary celebration are in progress, including a barbecueand day of fun for the alumni and their families, offering an opportunity for alumni and current
students to get to know each other.

The brothers shared stories of previous alumni events. Brother Adrian Gonzalez
said, “Meeting the oldest living Sigma was cool, it made me feel connected to my house.”

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