ACL Review

This year’s Austin City Limits festival, which spanned Sept. 16, 17, and 18, featured a lineup that, although thought by many to be weaker than normal, did not fail to perform. With a diverse lineup of artists from every genre imaginable, there were shows throughout the three rain soaked days to please any musical palette.Friday featured two standout hip hop artists, Big Boi and Kanye West, bo

th who performed on the main Bud Light stage and pulled out popular songs from their hit filled catalogs to keep their massive crowds tapping their feet and singing along. Another standout performance of the day was the popular act Foster

the People, who crowded the area surrounding the small Google+ stage and performed almost their entire album “Torches” to thousands of ravenous fans.
Saturday featured the massive pop performer Stevie Wonder who played to thousands but unfortunately experienced issues of overpowering sound from the My Morning Jacket concert that was taking place on the opposite side of Zilker. Drawing crowds to the Google+ stage to rival the previous day’s Foster the People concert, Sonny Moore, popularly known as the dubstep DJ Skrillex, worked the crowd into a bass fueled

dancing frenzy. On the opposite of this hyper dance dubstep, Iron and Wine put on a mellow set that provided an entertaining show to compliment the much needed rain that the Austin area saw on Saturday.

Ending the festival on Sunday, the most underrated day of the festival, Death From Above 1979 played one of their first shows in the past five years which only added to the excitement of their performance on the Honda stage. As a capstone to the weekend, Arcade Fire finished off ACL in their with a two hour long performance, culminating perfectly in “Sprawl II”. Surpassing the expectations of many, this year’s ACL was another successful weekend in the history of a festival that is known for its incredible headliners and perfectly chosen supporting artists.

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