Men’s Basketball ends up and down season on high note

After a season of talent, biting disappointment and injuries, the men’s basketball season has come to an end. Though the Pirates did not make it to the conference tournament, there were still some games very well played. It was a season with plenty of sweat, blood (and probably even a few tears) to round off the 2010-2011 basketball season.

For instance, the home game against Colorado College proved to be a particularly glorious victory for the team.

Final SU Home Game for the season.

Considering the team needed to win the game in order to stay in the running for the conference, and the fact that the game was played on Senior Day, the 66-62 win was cause for jubilant celebration. Senior Nick Caputo led the charge, scoring 15 points in his final home game.

Right behind him was Michael Cantu, scoring 14 points to help keep the game intense right up to the finish.

Basketball requires much more than most people realize. Top fitness and the capacity to quickly analyze the components of the game are vital skills for each individual, but equally essential is the team’s ability to act as a collective body. When that fails to occur, conditioned talents go to waste.

Last season, the team made it all the way to the conference tournament. That triumph was a statement of the team’s ability to work together. This season didn’t quite live up to the standard set by the previous year, but if the universally accepted standard is to “try your best,” then perhaps certain individuals should feel content with their performance.

The passion of these students for basketball as an achievement they earn with every workout, group practice and competition, demands a particular kind of respect whenever the team functions as it should.

The team worked hard this season, and deserves the school’s enthusiasm and support in all future endeavors.

While the fountainhead of talent was ever-present, there were a bit too many missteps during the team’s journey throughout the season.

“We had lots of bright spots this year, but we just showed our signs of life a little too late,” Caputo said.

Alas, the promise of next year should evoke a renewed spirit ready to adequately prepare for all possible challenges.

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