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Get yours today.

Get yours today.

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President Obama signed the Health Care Reconciliation package on Tuesday. Finally, Health Care Reform is official. The Reconciliation package included MAJOR student aid reform measures as well. The legislation projects a $425 increase to the maximum Pell Grant alongside an allotment of 800,000 additional awards. Basically, pell grants’ funding will be increased by the federal government by up to $40 billion. The bill also includes lots of provisions and support for community colleges and historically black colleges. For people struggling to pay their loans, repayments for graduates will be capped at 10% instead of 15%. And, those who perform public service will see their debts forgiven after 10 years.

On top of that, president Obama has also staunchly advocated for financial regulatory reform. Debate on that legislation could start very soon in the Senate; meaning we could see more impactful legislation signed into law in the upcoming months.  If that were not enough, three Senators–a Democrat, Republican, and Independent– are writing a comprehensive “energy bill.”

Think about it this way: in less than two years President Obama’s resume could include a series of monumental initiatives. The Recovery Act, health care reform, student loan reform ,financial regulatory reform, and the Clean Energy Bill. This administration has identified America’s most serious problems and set out to do something about them. That’s called governing. After 8 years of simply ignoring problems–only letting them fester into a series national crises–a bit of problem solving is pretty refreshing.

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p.s. Off shore drilling is politically necessary. Sad, but true

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