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The House approved the Senate bill, and of course, it was signed into law today by the President. Expect some modifications to come in the Senate’s reconciliation process, but other than this is pretty much a done deal. Republicans threaten to repeal it or challenge it’s constitutionality, but there is little chance either of those approaches will work. Repealing it wouldn’t succeed–Obama would simply veto it if a repeal did pass. And just about all objective sources don’t consider this legislation to be unconstitutional.

So now, the “message war” begins. Republicans have a difficult challenge ahead of them; primarily because history shows us that the American people generally don’t like to give up reforms once they start receiving the benefits. Take a look at medicare and social security: once those reforms were enacted, they were incredibly popular with the American people. And, just like this legislation, those programs were once called “socialist.” Now they’re considered sacred and virtually untouchable (well, maybe not welfare).Thus, Republicans have to hit hard early. The Republicans are going to have a tough message to sell to the American people anyway–give up your new rights and benefits…they don’t want to be a step behind in the message wars before that argument begins.

It’s still early, obviously, but it looks like the Dems are already gaining a little ground from the passage. 49% of the American people (acc. to a Gallup/USA Today poll) believe that passing health insurance reform “was a good idea.” Only 40% thought it was a bad idea. That’s a huge gain for the Democrats–just a couple of weeks ago the numbers were in complete reverse (if not worse). I guess American’s love a winner. And the winners right now are Barack Obama, the Democrats, and the American public.

In other news, 1 out of every 4 Republicans thinks Barack Obama is the anti-Christ. 38% of Republicans think he is comparable to Adolf Hitler.  Want to know more about how the Republican party is being taken over by total crazies? Just google “Harris Poll on Barack Obama.” I observed a tea party rally this weekend and had to endure shouts of “throw that n***** out of office” while looking at giant pictures of dead fetuses. Rahm Emmanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff) asserted that the Republican party has been “taken over by a fringe group.” I’m beginning to believe him. Barney Frank, a gay Congressman from Mass., was called a “f*****” by a “tea partier”. The tea-baggers aren’t just homophobic; they’re racist too. Jim Clyburn, an African American Congressman from S.C. was called a “n*****” and then spat on. I shouldn’t be surprised about that though, especially after walking around the tea-party protest. The only person of color in the whole protest was selling American flags and t-shirts.

In short, I’m glad health reform passed so these wing-nuts can go back to the perverted, backward corners from whence they came.



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