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Holy Shit,

It’s been a long time, blog world. A lot has happened, obviously. I guess that whole health care thing is about to happen. I can’t say I’ve been following the Megaphone postings a lot, nor do I have a subscription for the weekly paper. But I hope you all know that it’s about to be voted on in the House. Some rumor of just how they are going to vote on the legislation; particularly if they will vote on the whole senate bill or just parts of it (the parts that don’t include stuff like abortion language). Honestly, it’s a pretty complex process. The rules of Congress can be kind of confusing for members of congress, let alone students of it. What everyone has been freaking out about is the Reconciliation process, which will take place in the senate if the house votes yes on the bill. Basically, Reconciliation is an up or down, simple majority vote, which generally takes place on party lines. Those in the majority call democracy; those in the minority call it the “nuclear option.” Either way, we’ll be having some kind of a vote in the House most likely on or by Saturday. If it passes through the House, you can pretty much guarantee it will be signed into law before easter.

Here are the reforms that will begin taking place immediately:

Discrimination based on pre-existing conditions will be outlawed.

  • young adults will be allowed to stay on their parents’ plans till they are 27 (yes, that applies to me and probably you)
  • Small Businesses will be given a tax cut/credit to provide employees with health care
  • insurance plans will not be able to drop coverage if you get sick
  • new independent appeals process for anyone who feels they have been treated unfairly by insurance companies
  • no longer lifetime or annual limits for amount of health care

All those reforms will be enacted in the next year if HC is passed. More in the next few years–altogether 30 million people will have insurance that currently lack it.

I walked by a tea party today. There were supposed to be 3000 people there–only about 300 showed up. Life is good.

Have a great Saint Patty’s day, guys and gals! I will write¬†more soon, as soon as midterms come and pass.


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