So I am what my dad calls an ” Angry Little Girl.” And, while I’ll admit that I do harbor some anger, much of my anger leads to insight into some really bizarre things. Through this blog, I will be able to let others in to my angry tirades about everything from boyfriends, roommates, to the “wonderful” place we happily call our school.

I also encourage you to disagree with the things I say in the comment section. Gaining insight into the minds of others about things that affect me is really important. Why should I be the only one with a (usually biting, scathing, and, well, cynical) opinion?  The only thing  I ask is that you do not attack me personally, because I will find you, and probably won’t be too pleasant when I rip you a new one. Attacks on my opinions are one thing, attacks on me are a completely different matter.

So follow me on this little experiment that I have planned for myself. Maybe my cynicism will eventually be  less so, and my dad’s nickname for me will be unnecessary………….or not.

Because I really am this bitchy.


This is me and my boyfriend...all the time.

This is me and my boyfriend...all the time.

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