South by Southwest Must-See Movie List for 2010

Courtesy of Google Image.For those of you interested in music or film South by Southwest is the perfect opportunity to experience artists from all around the world presenting their works.

Here is the Megaphone’s must-see list for film:

Friday March, 12: the Alamo Lamar 1 theater there is a screening of Leaves of Grass, which is the much anticipated film starring Edward Norton who plays an intellectual college professor who moves back to his hometown with his pot-dealing twin brother. Also on Friday is the Indie film Cherry which is about a timid student who enrolls at an Ivy League college in their engineering program.

Saturday March, 13: Saturday features great shorts such as Televisnu, which is an Indian film about a woman who works in a call center. Some other quirkier shorts are features such as Star Wars: Retold which is a retelling of the Star Wars mythos through the eyes of a young girl who is unaware of the premise of the story.

Sunday March, 14: Google Baby is a haunting Gattaca-like sci-fi story about artificial baby production as guided through an online service. The Myth of the American Sleepover also looks like a must-see teenage angst movie in the style of John Hughes.

Monday March, 15: Honorarium is like a Dead Poets Society at the college level. The film is pertinent to anybody in college who is open-minded and tries to tolerate people of different viewpoints. Some Days Are Better Than Others is a hard-to-define film that is a highly character-driven with a backdrop of existential confusion and other philosophically related issues such as communication and how one fulfills their desires.

Tuesday March, 16: Anybody who is plugged into the developments must see the documentary Beijing Taxi which focuses on the changes occurring in the Chinese economy and how three Beijing taxi drivers are living their lives in response to these societal progressions. Another excellent documentary feature is American Grindhouse,which shows the nitty-gritty world and history of the American Explotiation film. This specifically for lovers of the genre.

Wednesday March, 17: On the Other Side of Life is an emotionally gripping story about the lives of two young men who have to survive in a rough area in Africa filled with gangsterism and violence. The Work of Alan Govenar: Part 2 offers a fascinating documentarian look into the world of circuses.

Thursday March, 18: The film 6 is a must-see for any football fan. The film looks like similar to the story structure of Friday Night Lights as the film looks into the lives of individuals on a 6-man football team in a Texan town.

Friday March, 19: Friday is a great day to catch up on the films that you missed during their premieres as most of the films will be rerun during this time as well as on Saturday. Since there are so many features being run it is hard to see all the great work during one visit to the festival, but the repeat days offer you a chance to get caught up on what you missed.

To read more about the locations of the film venues and also what music shows will be taking place, visit South-by-Southwest’s website at

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