Lookbook.nu: Fashion Sophistication

Courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.

Lookbook is a little fashionista’s best kept secret. It is a website dedicated to the ins and outs of fashion with a mixture of brand names and treasures from thrift stores. It is a medley of indie-hipsters who have mastered the art form of taking self-portraits at the most flattering of angles and lighting.

The collections showcase many pieces that evoke a feel of Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M and local thrift shops. This is where all the beautiful people collaborate and showcase their innate ability to dress well.

According to the Lookbook website, its goal is to form a community for those who appreciate art, culture and fashion that can be found in everyday people and their creativity. They celebrate people who express themselves through their clothing choices and the positive influence that street fashion can have on an individual.
“To bring together diverse, aesthetically talented and open-minded people around the world and showcase the best in international street fashion.”

And in this somewhat competitive community, people strive to make a reputation for themselves. In order to make themselves known, the fashion-devotees have to create “looks” that will attract a following. Other users can “hype,” or like, the look and the poster can earn “karma” or a reward for their stylish contributions. Thus, a Lookbook user has to prove himself or herself to the rest of the fashion community in order to gain notoriety.

Once the person posts a look, he or she can then match their clothes with a color scheme and then pinpoint from where they got their piece. The users share their closets with others in hopes of inspiring them to see the beauty in the ordinary and to be able to put together outfits that do not necessarily have to come from Abercrombie & Fitch or include the abhorrence of Uggs. Unlike mainstream fashion, these Lookbookers are not afraid to experiment with navy blazers, old-school oxfords, and grandmother-inspired scarves.

The posters usually consist of very attractive and young women and men with an artistic background (and messy bangs and beards). They photograph themselves in mundane or Vogue-esque situations from grabbing something out of their bags to just pouting at the camera. With this technique, they are trying to say something along the lines of “Hey, look at me. I can dress like a sophisticated model on a daily basis without even trying!” It is obvious that they take the pictures very seriously because of their attention to detail from soft lighting to the exact placement of hands relative to their legs.

One can browse through the site and come across a wide range of people from all over the world. This surge of sophistication comes from everywhere including Hong Kong, France, and Montreal, showing different styles and tastes on an international basis. The website offers an opportunity to view other people’s perspectives and styles fostered in a different environment. It also kind of makes America look like it is in dire need of a makeover.

After going through a few pictures and hungrily staring at the nice pair of heels a French vixen is sporting, you might want to join. But Lookbook is compromised of the elite of the fashion world, and the club is an exclusive one – so that means it is invite-only. But if you are desperate to start proving you have enough hutzpah to make it in the fashion world, you can apply to become a member.

And please remember every time you slip on a pair of Crocs, a kitten dies.

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