Southwestern vs. Trinity: Tough Day for SU B-Ball

Although we lost, the Pirates fought hard against the Tigers.  Courtesy of Eric Gonzales.

Although we lost, the Pirates fought hard against the Tigers. Courtesy of Eric Gonzales.

In the midst of a crowd full of students and their visiting parents dressed in black, the regular season ended for the men and women’s basketball teams of Southwestern last Friday. Both the men and women fought hard, but came up short, and were handed losses by the Trinity Tigers.

The women’s team battled it out throughout the first half, but towards the end of the second half, their multitude of fouls and missed shots caught up with them. This slump led to the Trinity Tigers pulling ahead and never looking back. Around the two-minute mark in the second half, the score was 54-68. The Pirates pushed forward and closed the gap to 57-65, though they would not score again. The final score of the game was 57-68.

The Lady Pirates ended regular season play with an overall record of 10-15 and a record of 6-10 in conference play. The last regular season game festivities included senior recognition. Seniors Jessica Herbst, Narisa Trammel and Katie Kern suited up for their last home game on Friday night.

After the women’s game, the guys took to the court. Before the game, Coach Bill Raleigh recognized seniors Anthony Cox, Collin Kelly, Zach Bergstrom and Travis Barber for their dedication and extraordinary leadership they brought to the team.

“The men well represented the university throughout their years of play,” Barber said.

As for the game, the guys stayed close with Trinity throughout the first half, though they would never take the lead again after a score of 5-2 in the first two minutes of the game. Towards the end of the first half the team managed to tie Trinity at 23-23 and 26-26, but failed to comeback within that range again.

A big hindrance to the Pirates was the amount of missed shots that were taken. In the second half, the Pirates almost went a full five minutes without making any of their shots, a streak that was broken only by a successful free-throw.

As much as the team hurt from missed shots, Trinity also failed to capitalize on the difficulty the Pirates were having. They never managed to pull more than 9 ahead despite all the opportunities given to them and also failed to make many of their own shots.

The high amount of missed shots could be chalked up to lousy shooting or just good defense played by both teams.

Either way, the score remained relatively low throughout the game and no team hit the 50-point mark until only two minutes remained.
The score remained tight until around the eight-minute mark in the second half when Trinity took the lead, 40-33.

Though the Pirates remained strong, holding the Tigers in the low 40s for about four minutes, the comeback attempt was too late. Trinity called a timeout and came back to control the rest of the game, letting the Pirate’s only come as close as a 6 point difference for the rest of the game.

In the end the final score was 49-56. The men’s basketball team ended regular season with an overall record of 16-9 and a conference record of 9-7.

They currently hold third place in the west and will play DePauw in the first round of the SCAC tournament this weekend in Jackson, MS.

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