5 TexMex Restaurants in 10 miles

Today, I realized, for possibly the first time since I seriously sat down to think about my future, that I might be moving in the next six months.  Well, I definitely will be moving, and sooner than that, but moving away. Like far away…  potentially north.  Or east.  Maybe west.  But probably not  further south.  And any direction but south will only take me away from the food that I have grown to love over the past 21 years.  Mexican food, or more accurately, TexMex.  This realization plunged me into at least five minutes of deep retrospection over the necessity of moving… but, unfortunately, the most Mexican food I might be eating in the future is Taco Bell.  An extremely frightening thought, I know.  So, it became necessary for me to plan out the next two and a half months very carefully.  And I have strategically marked out the places I will be frequenting in my preparation for a future without enchiladas.

ChuysNashville1_118703cChuy’s—I feel embarrassed to even put this on the same list as some of these restaurants because Chuy’s has the best Tex Mex that I’ve ever had.  Ever.  My favorite restaurant in Austin, or anywhere, Chuy’s offers an eclectic environment full of idiosyncrasies plastered to the walls.  Amazing food, drinks and atmosphere.  The only complaint I ever has is that its always too busy.  But what do you expect with an amazing restaurant?

Favorites:  Deluxe chicken enchiladas and the creamy jalapeno ranch chip dip.

2320 North Interstate 35 (closest location)

Dos Salsas—Good chips and drinks.  Good environment, though frequently very busy for food that’s just good and not outstanding.  A favorite spot for my Paideia group’s dinners and the place in Georgetown for Mexican food with the best balance of quality and price.

1104 South Main Street

logo_freebirds-2-logo1Chipotle/Freebirds—Two different places.  Same idea.  Foil. Burritos.  To go.

900 North Austin Avenue/ 100 Center Ridge Drive, Austin

El Patron—A middle of the line kind of place with decent food, service and drinks.  A good place if everything else is too busy and you want some sort of Mexican cuisine to satisfy your appetite.

603 West University Avenue

El Charrito—Though I haven’t had their full menu, I have established a close relationship with the man that runs the window for breakfast tacos in the morning. Needless to say for a $1.50 you can get a pretty decent breakfast taco.  (The best I’ve found for the morning dash to class.)

302 South Austin Avenue

Not a fan of Casa Ole—Tex Mex has been described to me by a northerner as a “pile of slop that runs together”.  And though I resent hearing the food I love described in such a way, I’ll agree and counter with the argument that the taste makes up for the way it can sometimes look;  Casa Ole’s food doesn’t.  It tastes just like Canadians think Mexican food tastes. The moral of this story is, if you want cheap Mexican food, just go to Taco Cabana!

Now, I have specifically refrained from going in depth about margaritas in this blog, because I will be writing about the best margaritas in the area for spring break.  I’m doing careful research for this one, so don’t miss it!  Till then night owls!

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