Korouva Milk Bar: for students, by students

The patio of the Koruva Milk Bar.

The patio of the Koruva Milk Bar.

The Korouva Milk Bar opened up this year, as it does every year, with the action-packed Korouva March, and has since held several events, like the Amoeba Draw, Cooper-Street Improv Shows, Strategic Plan meetings and parties both big and small littered throughout.

Lauren Ferrante and I started managing the Milk Bar this year with one goal in mind, getting people to recognize Korouva enough to compete for the attention of the student-body on campus. We feel that we have come a long way, but even still we would like to get the word out about what K.M.B. actually is and where we stand on campus.

Korouva is the only completely student-run coffee shop on campus, and with that in mind it is our responsibility not only to serve delicious (and super cheap) beverages, but also to provide a space for students to feel comfortable, organize, and have a good time. Student Organizations like SEAK, SPA, and SU NORML have all met at Korouva in the past and we still host other organizations, like Art Association, to this day.

The Milk Bar can be a fun place to hang out, do homework and/or drink anything from straight coffee to fresh fruit smoothies.
Although admittedly the flow of people can vary from day to day, Matt Kramer, a senior and Korouva employee, said, “K.M.B. is not as much about the money as it is the environment that we as a student-run organization provide to the people.”

Daniel Knoll, writer of this article and Korouva manager.  Courtesy of Alex Hall.

Daniel Knoll, writer of this article and Korouva manager. Courtesy of Alex Hall.

Though we do pride ourselves on being a place that provides a fun student space on campus, we have begun a campaign to emphasize the business side of the coffee shop as well. Coffee and tea are just a dollar here, and we make sure that all of our products are organic and more than worth the low price. Korouva also serves espresso, ice cream, Chai Tea Lattes and Italian sodas. Even though employees can occasionally take free drinks as part of their benefits, they usually always say they would rather share Korouva’s business with others on campus, if more would just stop by to say, “Hi.”

Phil Wozny, a first-year and another Korouva employee, said, “Seriously, I am really glad to have been given the opportunity to work here, but I would also like to see more people come in to make me earn my wage.”

Korouva is always open to suggestions about how we could better use our space or revamp our menu. Probably the most important part about the Korouva Milk Bar is that since it is in fact student-run, it is emphatically for students and by students. That means if students come in and have ideas, then it is our job to work with them accordingly.

This campus has the potential to be a truly exciting place where people can not only have fun, but also can get something productive done in the process. So, we at the Korouva Milk Bar politely ask you to do your part so that we can better do ours in hopes of making that happen!

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