Kay Bailey Hutchison for Governor: Rally at Southwestern

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, courtesy of Google Images

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, courtesy of Google Images

This past Tuesday, Feb. 16, Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate Kay Bailey Hutchison visited Southwestern during a rally hosted by the College Republicans. Hutchison addressed students, faculty and staff gathered in the Howry Center about several key issues of her campaign. These included illegal immigration, high school drop-out rates and term limits for the office of the govenor.

Senator Hutchison’s visit to SU was one of many along the campaign trail as she prepares for the primary elections March 2.

Recently, Southwestern University hosted Kay Bailey Hutchison for a rally on her journey in running for governor, a visit planned and coordinated by the College Republicans organization here on campus led by Garrick Patterson. They did a fantastic job of putting the event itself together–the best touch was unanimously the cookies and brownies. Food never fails to draw a crowd.
To answer the question of “Why Southwestern?” as a stop on the campaign trail, the answer is simply that among her staff, there is a present legacy in Southwestern alumni, and there was a desire to support that on her team.

At the rally, Hutchison proclaimed that the mission in her policies is to continue Texas’s legacy of being “the best state in the nation with a can-do spirit” that will alleviate the problems afflicting the state. Her rally talking points were issues with illegal immigration, property taxes, crowded roads, the alarming rate of high school dropouts and budget deficits.

She stated that if elected as the next governor of Texas, that she would campaign to end the Trans-Texas Corridor and end a history of cronyism in the Capitol by setting concrete term limits for governor to the maximum of eight years. After all, Rick Perry is starting to take the lessons of Alexander Hamilton a bit too seriously. In saying that, she is “a states’ righter, but more importantly an individuals’ righter.” She also made it clear that she does not agree with Rick Perry’s mandate of HPV vaccinations for young girls and fervently desires to restore those individual rights lost in the legal mandate back to families and parents.
It is unclear if Kay Bailey Hutchison will make it past the primary due to the fact that a lot of the votes that Rick Perry might lose will in all likelihood go to candidate Debra Medina rather than Senator Hutchison, but as in the tradition of elections, we’ll all just have to wait to see what happens.

College students are historically a demographic that has acted in two extremes of the spectrum when it comes to political involvement – either the youth are activists and are the force of political energy, or they are apathetic and can’t find the will to make it to the polls on election day.
The most important thing to remember on a college campus is to get informed of the issues and candidates and stay involved via voting or even getting involved on campaigns.

Early voting in person has already started and is available until four days before the primary elections on March 4.

Here is a slideshow from that event:

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