Greenling is Local, Organic and Delivering to SU

The Greenling logo.

The Greenling logo.

Cruelty-free, organic, locally grown, and pesticide-free food delivered to your front door in Georgetown? Say what? I know. It’s real, and it’s called Greenling. Their goal is simple: fresh food.

“[It was] the simple idea that people needed a way to get fresh, nutritious food and we needed to do it in a way that did not damage our environment,” co-founder of Greenling Mason Arnold says on the company’s website.
Greenling features everything from produce to meat to dairy to dessert to baby food. Vegan? They’ve got you covered. Every vegetarian and vegan option is clearly labeled on their website. They even have vegetarian dog treats. Really, I mean it – they’ve got you covered.

For a minimum purchase price of $25, they will literally take care of the entire shopping process for you. You just have to put everything in your virtual shopping cart with the click of a button.

“Food is at the very center of sustainability and we are working hard to make it easy for you,” their mission statement states. “It’s hard to transform your life, and we just want to make this step easy on you – eat well, eat organic, eat local – we can help.”

Come on guys…it’s Campus Sustainability Month. Be a champ, get online, and buy fresh and local.

“Our carbon footprint is so small it’s cute, and our farmers make the land better by farming it instead of depleting the soil with chemicals and intense monocultures.”

That’s right – monocultures. Do you really want to contribute to intense monocultures? I didn’t think so.

“I cannot possibly express to you how picky I am when it comes to produce,” says loyal customer Christine W. “The quality of Greenling is completely amazing! I am indeed eating so much healthier (more vegetarian) than I ever have before – it seems that shopping this way improves the choices I make. What a smart and positive contribution to your community.”

Not a crazy vegetarian like the rest of us? Their meat selection is just as impressive. Organic, free-range, and hormone free, Greenling ensures that their farmers abide by the strictest standards possible.

And as if online shopping isn’t fast enough for you, Greenling also offers the convenient service of pre-packaged baskets filled with fruits, veggies, and various other no-cook snacks.

Think there has to be a catch? There isn’t. The prices are standard, if not cheaper than those you would find at other establishments.

Shipping is free, delivery dates and times are flexible (you don’t even have to be there) and you can cancel your order at any time.

If something is delivered that you did not want, or you cut into your avocado only to find bruises, contact the company and they will gladly refund you, or send you a replacement product.

Have $25? Want to stop ingesting pesticides and hormones? Wondering if Greenling has something unique to offer you?

(The answer is hell yes.) Organic-loving SU students – go get shop happy.

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