Update, Tim Tebow is a Jackass

Ladies and Gentlemen,

tebow I write you today from the center of the snowpocalypse in Washington D.C. This “snowpocalypse” has poured about 20 inches of snow on the District, and as of yet there is little sign of it letting up anytime soon. Needless to say, I am holed up in my apartment. There is no where to go, not many places are open and even the metro has shut down. Blerg.

Earlier today I went out and explored my neighborhood. The streets look like a completely different planet, while the Capitol building looks even more majestic than usual. I took some pictures–they’re pretty cool. Mostly snapped some shots of the trees, the buildings, and this one guy who was skiing on Constitution Street. So that’s been my day.

The first week of the DC internship experience was absolutely insane–climaxing when I got 10 feet away from Obama and gave him an air five. Read more about that here… I promise you it’s the truth. Hopefully I will get pictures emailed to me soon.

Future plans include watching the Superbowl tomorrow. I love the Superbowl (and really sports in general) because it’s such a great way to escape from the stresses and conflicts that daily life throw at me. Yup, it’s going to be a great escape.

Oh, fuck. Thanks a lot Tim and Pam Tebow. Click on that video and check out what hockey (football) mom wanna-be Pam Tebow has to say about her reasoning on why she didn’t have an abortion.”The Doctor told us it was a mass of fetal tissue, but we prayed for Timothy by name.”

I’ve got some news for the Tebows. God did not bless you with your son. Your son is a curse–he is by far the most annoying college football quarterback in recent years, he will FAIL as a professional, and he is completely clueless that his views might offend other peoples.

Obviously, that is just my opinion. Here is fact: praying won’t turn a mass of tissue into a human. What Pam and Tim are arguing against here is science, medicine, and Doctors everywhere who try to give good advice to women who need it. The idea that God singled out the Tebows so their son could grow up and try to ruin the Superbowl is so asinine that a 4th grader would dispute the “logic”.

Furthermore, it really is sad that there are so many people out there who reduce such a complicated issue by using a binary, black and white, good vs. evil system of judgment. I love the look on radical pro-lifers faces when I tell them I’m pro choice and interested in reducing abortion rates. If someone could ensure me that Pam or Timmy Tebow’s heads would not explode, I might write them and try to explain what I (and many others) believe on abortion.

So thank you, Tebow family. You’ve given us an overdramatic, juvenile QB to watch, and now you try to ruin a day where all Americans can come together. What’s even shittier is that CBS pulled an advertisement for a church that welcomed Gays a couple of years ago. No sign they will pull this hateful ad. Sadly, this says a lot about the American character. A major broadcasting company is more weary of airing an advertisement for love and inclusiveness than this irrational, hatemongering bullshit. Fuckin CBS. As if listening to Phil Simms give color commentary wasn’t enough…

Will write more soon,


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