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In all reality, I wasn’t a huge fan of blogs [ still adamantly non-fanatical ] until it came time to find new veg things to eat/places to eat/foodporn.

[{ or for those a little more dedicated, actual kitchenporn }]

Regardless, I live on campus, have limited kitchen access,  am constantly on some sort of budget & am unfortunately consistently health “conscious” [forced health consciousness-- see hypoglycemic], though generally dieting is for suckers.

Obviously I, like the masses, tire of commons food– especially when my options are veggie burger (made of beans and rice), actual beans and rice, refried beans, oily-flavorless pasta surprise, or a salad. I acknowledge and admit as a part of the food advisory committee [[complain wednesdays at noon]] that they’re doing they’re best for those of us with “dietary restrictions” but sometimes it’s not enough.

Plus, I am sort of addicted to Mexican food, which is obviously obtainable in Gtown [& to which my accomplice would have us go multiple times week] but moderately expensive/fattening when eaten in the high quantities in which I tend to indulge.

Anywho. Basically I’ll just let you know recpies that I’ve found/concocted/loved & am cooking this week, so even if you’re not veg [Foer requires that I inform you of the misstep in your lifestyle] you can indulge or prep at your will.

[{ I am not anti-carnivores. }]

& restaurant reviews.

& the occasional look-at-these-crazy-veg-people moment.

impressively creative vegetarians at work

impressively creative vegetarians at work

happy monday.

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