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Whenever I meet a prospective student visiting our campus, I am inevitably asked the question, “How do you like Georgetown?” If I’ve learned anything about exchanging casual pleasantries with a stranger it’s that it’s much easier to just evade the question entirely. “Oh you know… Sun City is huge here…?”

But for those of us who have already committed to spending four years of our lives in quaint Georgetown, Texas, we are fully aware of what G-town has, or doesn’t have, to offer the under 65. So, many students spend the weekends on fraternity row, possibly at a Cove series event or in our dorm rooms or apartments with friends. It can be hard to find things to do off campus that are interesting, within our budgets, (the economy’s downturn certainly wasn’t any kinder to the college student) and worth leaving our convenient Southwestern bubble.

Over the next three months, I will set out to prove that there is indeed more to the potential nightlife (and sometimes day life) of a Southwestern student than what the majority have discovered thus far. I’ll tell you about upcoming events, books, art, movies, my favorite spots around the area (and believe me, I’m stretching “the area” to include Austin) and I’ll be doing it on my very own college budget so that anyone looking for a more than typical SU night will be sure to find something.

For this, my first blog, I’ll leave you with some suggestions for the upcoming weeks….

The FronteraFest, an annual Austin theatre festival, is going on until February 13th. The performances vary from night to night and are in several locations around Austin.

January 12th-February 13th (Typically starts at 8:00 pm)
Location: varies, check website
Price: $12

Alamo Drafthouse is a favorite of Austinites. Known for their unique restaurant and movie theater combination, Alamo always puts on a good pre-movie show (that often continues during and after the movie) for special events.

Alamo Drafthouse
The Departed
February 15th @ 7:30 pm
Location: at all Alamo Drafthouses
Price: $6-9 (Part of Macho Mondays, guys get in for $6. )

A personal favorite event, the Austin Swing Syndicate hosts swing dancing classes and a live band event every Thursday night at the Fed in Austin. The class gives an hour-long introduction into the basic swing dancing steps. Everyone dances with everyone so there’s no need to bring a partner and the dress is casual. Afterward, you go to an adjoining ballroom where the band plays and you get the chance to see just how coordinated you are (or aren’t, in my case).

Swing Dancing Nights with the Austin Swing Syndicate
Every Thursday 8:00 pm-Midnight

The Fed
2312 San Gabriel St
Austin, TX 78705
Price: Free for lesson, $5 for live band

Check back next week for my blog on the Georgetown square… I’m going to check out the local biz and tell you what’s worth your pirate bucs.

Until then my fellow night owls… ;)

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