Student Body Forum on Drugs

11:20:05 AM: Check back at 12 for a live blog on the student body forum regarding SU’s illegal drug policy.

11:55:13 AM: Everyone is sitting down. It looks pretty sparse so far. More people should come.

12:01:33 PM: Much more people showed up. Looks to be a varied crowd. Brody is here. SU Radio is recording, or will record at least.

12:03:33 PM: It’s staring. Alex Caple is doing introductions, and why we are all here. Brody is speaking, made a joke about making an effigy of Leese

12:03:47 PM: Chief Brown, Nurse Denora and everyone is here to answer questions.

12:04:18 PM: Brody: Drug dogs were on campus for training, not in res halls, but in Fine Arts. Brody didn’t know this until after the fact.

12:04:57 PM: Future: Drug Dogs will be trained elsewhere. Nothing to do with Leese’s email.

12:05:31 PM: Brody: NO student arrests, at least in the recent past. A student cheered about this.

12:06:25 PM: Brody: verified with Leese about the fact that there have been no drug busts.

12:06:59 PM: Brody: NO random room searches, room WILL be searched if there is probable cause.

12:07:46 PM: Brody: 7 students on disciplinary sanction on drugs last semester, 3 students this semester, 9 students on b/c they were reported…

12:07:52 PM: …by other students.

12:08:12 PM: Brody: The final 10th was because of their behavior.

12:09:13 PM: Brody: NO change in policy. Change in term of procedure: only difference is if you are caught with pot by police, you will be written up…

12:09:31 PM: …for having the marijuana, as opposed to paraphenelia (in only small amounts of pot)

12:10:05 PM: Brody: Campus always used dogs, but recent time they haven’t used it as it wasn’t available. Only one drug dog, less invasive than a person

12:11:15 PM: Brody: Goal is not to catch people or put on probation or jail

12:12:15 PM: Brody: Last fall surveys was part of the reason, as well as those 10 people on probation. Survey was anonymous.

12:12:50 PM: Brody: Admins never stated that they wouldn’t change their policy based on survey, multiple universities have given this survey.

12:13:14 PM: Brody: Why give the survey if the results would not be looked at? Survey was troubling.

12:14:08 PM: Brody: Survey asks about alcohol and drug use, as well as sexual assault b/c of alcohol (a lot of people said yes to that)

12:14:49 PM: Brody: Legal responsibility to enforce a law, as well as a moral and ethical obligation. Looking the other way means campus is vulnerable…

12:14:58 PM: Brody: …to a lawsuit.

12:15:28 PM: Brody: Email and strictly enforce angers people, but alternative is worse than anger.

12:16:04 PM: Brody seen SU students leave university because they were forced to go to drug rehab. Rather see students angry than go to drug rehab.

12:16:39 PM: Brody visits students who were hospitalized because of drug use, as well as at least one funeral. Will not look away when ppl use drugs.

12:17:56 PM: Denorah: Health concerns of drugs. Amphetamines (Adderal, Ritalin): increases hrt rate, bl. pressure, Alcohol magnifies this.

12:18:45 PM: Denorah: Seizures, strokes, death by a small dose. Repeated use of higher doses lead to behavioral issues.

12:19:34 PM: Denorah: Behavior problems are sexual dysfunction, paranoia, tics, picking skin, behaviors continue until drugs are out of your system.

12:20:08 PM: Denorah: Malnutrition, bleeding, heart problems due to amphetamine.

12:20:39 PM: Denorah: Cannabis has changed as years go by. Lotsa chemicals. 365 chemicals that haven’t been studied.

12:21:32 PM: Denorah: Loss of coordination, study issues, birth defects, “motivational syndrome”

12:22:57 PM: Denorah: Inhalants cause sniffing, dementia, killing brain cells.

12:23:50 PM: Denorah: Hallucinogens cause psychotic episodes (uncontrollable behavior), bipolar and schizophrenia can aggravate this.

12:24:25 PM: Denorah: Psychotic breaks can cause people to go to the mental hospital.

12:24:58 PM: Denorah: PCP is a horse tranquilizer. Popular here (on campus?). Causes behavioral disturbances such as public masturbation(?)

12:25:31 PM: Denorah: Danger exists out there, especially mixing the aforementioned drugs with alcohol.

12:26:03 PM: Denorah: Keep students healthy, and have success.

12:26:23 PM: Student questions will now happen.

12:27:18 PM: Brown: Probable cause is through a warrant or student affaires.

12:28:12 PM: Leese will only sign a room search if he’s 90% sure he’ll find something. He hates room searches.

12:28:26 PM: Leese: Only reason to search a room if a student has reported it.

12:29:37 PM: Only reason to give cases to WilCo instead of in-house is to give a new deterrent to students, as well as other things.

12:30:15 PM: Brody: Large amount of people who smoke pot in this room, and never bad ever happened. Brody has smoked pot before.

12:30:55 PM: Brody: One afternoon after a “high” night, flew off a bridge while driving.

12:32:26 PM: Question on blacklist, policy changes through the survey, and alcohol causing sexual assault.

12:32:57 PM: Brody: Survey has been administer before, didn’t expect to change anything, results were troubling.

12:33:44 PM: Leese: Agrees with sexual assault. Made a sarcastic comment regarding the list. There is no druguser’s list. An old rumor from 5 years.

12:34:00 PM: Agrees with sexual assault bieng caused by alcohol, I mean.

12:34:43 PM: Brown: There is no list that the police uses.

12:36:42 PM: Brody: Most troubling results of survey: 27.2% used marijuana, 7.4% used amphets. 6.2% used hallucinogens in the last 30 days

12:37:42 PM: Brody: 1.6% used opiates, 2.8% used designer drugs, 1.4% use inhalants. 1.6% are “other”. All of these are markedly above the national ave

12:38:18 PM: Brody: Over 340 students took the survey (he didn’t have a mic)

12:39:31 PM: Everytime room searches, students sign a consent form. Usually students cooperate and turn in their drugs.

12:39:46 PM: Leese said that, btw.

12:40:29 PM: Brown: Law gives her discretion, will not put you behind bars for a small amount of pot, search warrant puts it out of her hands

12:40:51 PM: Brown: Not here to put you in jail, doesn’t “want to be the police”.

12:41:21 PM: Question on reducing sexual assault on campus.

12:42:04 PM: Brody: Was an example, first one that came to mind. However, there will be a major campaign to eliminate sexual assault on campus.

12:42:50 PM: Brody: Neither Leese or Brody goal is to put people in jail. Want to get people’s attention on this issue.

12:43:15 PM: Concern about honesty regarding drug use.

12:43:54 PM: Brody: Anonymous survey, data is valid, reliable, no IP addresses were attached to data.

12:44:17 PM: Brody: SU is not the norm. SU has no undercover officers, but other public institutions do.

12:44:52 PM: Brody: enforcement is not what it was at other campuses. Other schools acitvely seek it out.

12:45:27 PM: Question about campus safety and more of a concern than drug use.

12:47:07 PM: Brody: Safety rating is high, actively working on more lighting, but can’t make city and state road decisions (like lighting).

12:47:43 PM: Brown: There have been attempted kidnappings a couple years ago, Brown will send email reports.

12:48:29 PM: Anonymous question regarding class attendance and GPA and comparison to national attendance and GPA.

12:49:22 PM: Brody: Doensn’t know national ave. GPA, but it is on who took the survey for GPA. Survey has question about missing class b/c of alcohol.

12:49:58 PM: Brody: Data on that question was “troubling”. Thinks it is 30%, but it’s off the top of his head (and thus, may not be the real number).

12:51:22 PM: Brown: Police called not for confiscating coke but for other circumstances.

12:52:18 PM: Leese: students are open and honest which surprises him. not far from retirement. Much more difficult to buy marijuana in Austin?

12:53:11 PM: Leese: pleads guilty to Coke question. “Be honest, if it doesn’t happen again” = will work with disciplinary probation rather than suspensi

12:54:22 PM: Brody: Not a school of 50,000, school of 1,500, treat situation personally, but will be tougher on drugs and alcohol.

12:55:29 PM: Question about people were forced to take the survey, and SU looking at the results.

12:56:05 PM: Brody: Anonymity of personal identity, not SU looking at the results. Did not anticipate it would affect anything.

12:56:37 PM: Brody: Thinks it’s a good point about people telling that there were no repurcussions to survey.

12:57:17 PM: Question about what students expect now about their drug use.

12:57:58 PM: Brody: Wants awareness, egality, wanted students to know what’s going on, hopes there will be a reduction in use of drugs on campus.

12:59:42 PM: Leese: smart responsible and safe, Denorah: healthy, Brown: not a right of passage, consequences to the law.

1:01:18 PM: Brody: wrestled with whether or not sending parents the letter.

1:02:20 PM: Brown: Dealt with drug use off campus, it’s just against the law. Don’t leave and do the same, take responsibility about illegal substances

1:02:46 PM: Brown: doesn’t want “Police vs. you” or “Leese vs. you”

1:03:43 PM: Brody: Ethical and moral obligation to do what they can do to prevent dangerous drug use on campus.

1:04:58 PM: Brody: Jeapordizes endowement, leaves school susceptible to lawsuit. Goal is to see you succeed and graduate.

1:05:21 PM: Brody: We do not seek, we may search, but they mainly respond to concerns.

1:06:03 PM: An appeal for the original policy of discretion.

1:06:16 PM: Or, not original policy, as technically policy wasn’t change.

1:06:58 PM: One student feels more comfortable, thanks admins for being here.

1:07:27 PM: And now, we are finished. Email Alex Caple, Matt Hanson or Sarah Woosley if you have concerns. I’m going to eat lunch now.

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