Notes from the Andrew Dornon's research into SU's new drug policy

Breakdown of information gathered from an interview from Dr. Leese:

  1. The drug policy has not changed at all.  Its enforcement HAS changed.
    1. Any student caught using or in the possession of illegal drugs (excluding alcohol in the case of minors) will be taken to Williamson County jail by SUPD.
  2. No arrests have been made as of yet, nor have the drug dogs found anything.  There were 4 incidents last week that were not the result of canine detection units.
  3. Dr. Leese neither confirmed nor denied whether or not the results of the confidential drug use survey instigated the change in drug policy enforcement.
  4. Room searches will not be casually ordered.

In response to “the email,” numerous responses have been made – mostly consisting a strongly opposed group, which in the beginning had very little information (like everyone) and chose to use Nazi references to create interest and a group opposed to the incendiary commentary provided by the first group.  The two groups held small gatherings, intended to be protests, on the mall at 11 am on Thursday.  On Friday an open forum is being held with the administration when pretty much all of this same stuff will be said.

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