Rihanna Exploting Her Abuse to Garner Publicity For Her Album Release?

Rihanna and Her Friend Chris BrownRihanna recently released her album “Russian Roulette.” This would have passed as uneventfully as most CD releases generally go, except that this was no ordinary release. It was the first release by the singer since her much publicized assault by singer Chris Brown. Furthermore, it took place the same week that the singer went out and finally answered questions about the assault and her relationship with Brown. Coincidence? I think not. In fact, I am fully convinced that this was a strategy used by Rihanna to promote her album. The issue I find in this is the fact that she seems to be profiting from an issue that affects many women, children and even men, people who are not always fortunate enough to escape the chain of violence between family members.

And yes, Rihanna is clearly exploiting an issue which causes plenty of pain and suffering, because it is undeniable that violence towards anyone, especially someone whom you are supposed to love, is a problem that needs to be addressed, not made profit from. Rihanna said in her interview that she decided to speak now about the tumultuous relationship because she realized that many little girls look up to her, and she needs to be a good role model and teach them that putting up with domestic violence is not right. I am not belittling the message that she is pretending to transmit, but my question is, why did she just realize that she is a role model? And why did the publication of this realization have to occur the same week that she was set to release her album? It is all too coincidental, and she is obviously using the publicity of her assault to produce more sales of her album.

And it was exactly the publicity of her assault that saved her from continuing this destructive relationship with Brown. There were reports of her having put up with his violence on previous occasions, but it was not until a severe assault occurred and was publicized that she was forced, due to public pressure and the possibility of her contract being dropped, to end her relationship with him. Unlike most people facing domestic violence, Rihanna profited monetarily from ending her relationship with Brown. This does not imply that she should never have left him, it merely points out the fact that Rihanna seems to be profiting from the publication of this assault the most that she can profit. And considering how serious domestic violence is, these actions of her are simply immoral.

Unfortunately, most people will not stop to consider her actions, and will buy her songs, and watch her shows and not think about the serious repercussions of her long silence on domestic violence. They will only rejoice as they listen to her new singles. Never mind the fact that after the publication of the assault she suffered, plenty of young girls posted on message boards the fact that they thought she deserved what she got, or that they still thought that Brown was a good man. Never mind the fact the fact that Brown has managed to semi-salvage his career because of her long silence. Rihanna, clearly, deserves all the attention that she and her album are getting.

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