Texting Has Merits

Some random person texting on a random phoneOMG. R U GOING TO THE PRTY TONITE? ;)

The above and incoherent sentence is probably a typical text for a lot of today’s younger generation. Everybody who is anybody has a texting plan which allows its user to type in or “text” messages from his or her cell phone in order to communicate with another person. Texting seems to be much more popular than the old-fashioned system of calling because it allows people to avoid awkward conversations (unless you tend to drunk text); it is faster and easier, and permits people to respond on their own time. It tends to take less effort and the person texting does not have to set everything down to dial and carry an ongoing conversation. Therefore, he or she can text and multi-task at the same time with activities that may include texting while eating a sandwich, texting while watching television and texting while driving.
Wait, did you actually read that right? Texting while driving…does that not sound dangerous? Of course, it does – but so does bungee diving off an Amazonian cliff while holding a pair of rabid dogs, but surely there are people who do that as well. According to a New York Times article, texting increases the risk of a car accident by at least 23 times. An average texter on the road takes about five seconds looking at their phones, which is also the same amount of time that a driver can go the distance of a football field. According to the GHSA, as of 2009, 18 states of America have made texting while driving illegal. Nonetheless, the bans have not persuaded people into following the more sensible way of driving (including Governor Schwarzenegger’s own wife talking on a cell phone).

As a person without a texting plan or a driver’s license (blasphemous, I know), I have the best perspective on this subject. I am able to act as the all-knowing observer and have concluded that doing anything while driving can clearly lead to irreconcilable consequences. It takes a great effort and amount of concentration to remember to place both hands on the wheel and to merge lanes while going ungodly measures above the speed limit. There also needs to be a certain degree of responsibility when it comes to driving because obviously there are other people doing the same thing. Texting and deciphering the messages while driving just seems plain irresponsible and inconsiderate. Everyone should take the same precautions when maneuvering the giant metal death traps so that everyone can avoid such accidents and the nosy onlookers that come along with them.

Even though texting may not be suitable when driving, it has its merits as a great and very accessible way in communicating with one another. And they also make great stories for the morning after.


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