Environmentalism Versus User Friendliness

Last year, some sort of legislature was passed that made Sodexho buy cardboard to-go boxes that were a tad bit out of their regular budget. As a result, to take things to go, we have to not only pay a quarter more, but we are allocated one cup and a measly spork to eat our food with.

When it was time to vote, I didn’t vote for this legislature, mainly because I didn’t think charging a people a quarter to do their part in saving the world was not a good idea, especially since the quarter went towards an inferior product. It became a sort of “To Go Tax”, while at first seems small, builds up. Of course, it depends on how much you use the Commons, and how many times you get take out. For instance, I’ve been there about four times, and gotten to go four times, and have spent a $1.00. I think I would’ve rather spent that $1.00 on a cheap set of pens (or two!) then the right to eat out of a giant take out box.

And yes, I do believe the new to go boxes are inferior than the old styrofoam. First of all, there are no dividers. This is a problem, especially since one of the attractions to the new boxes is that they were reheatable without taking anything in the box.

However, imagine this combination: chicken and a caesar salad. Or, a pork chop with a roll and a desert. Or, for the breakfast crowd, a breakfast taco with some yogurt. Some of these things are not meant to be reheated together. Furthermore, some of these things are not meant to be mixed together either – and because there are no dividers in the box, you will have strawberry yogurt on your breakfast taco. Or even more exciting, syrup in your strawberry yogurt from your french toast.

These boxes are also nearly impossible to close in my experience, especially when you’re in a rush. This is not good, as it doesn’t allow the cardboard to act as a proper insulator, since you have a giant air vent straight in the middle.

Also, because you are allocated one box, one cup and a spork, you cannot, for instance, have a for instance, pudding with your meal if you want a drink, or soup if you want a drink, or any combination of these. The sundae bar becomes pretty much impossible, without requesting an additional cup.

For this brand-spanking new environmentally friendly Commons to work, I’d say we either need to pump more money into Sodexho so that more attractive and more user friendly options are available, or I could just stop getting take out at the Commons. But I can’t be the only person to feel this way about this…am I?

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