Bad Behaviour Yields Big Bucks

Mark Cuban described the consumption of sports scandal well in 2003, while commenting on Kobe Bryant’s rape scandal, “from a business perspective, it’s great for the NBA. It’s reality television, people love train-wreck television and you hate to admit it, but that is the truth, that’s the reality today.”

I must side with Cuban. Let’s be honest, unsportsmanlike conduct is a cash cow. Guilty pleasure? Yes, please. A middle-aged gentleman ahead of me at Barnes & Noble this evening purchased Serena’s hardback title, along with a business networking paperback. Ca-ching!

In addition to recent fame related to foot foul obscenities, Serena’s new biography, ‘On the Line’ was released September 1, and let’s not forget her ‘Delicious’ NIKE clothing, which is currently on store shelves. ‘Delicious’ offers sportswear to women through an advertising campaign of sexy still photos of Serena sweaty in spandex. Despite temper tantrums, Serena is still on Nike’s payroll. Surprising? Hardly. Phelps’ bong rips haven’t scared Speedo away, recently extending his contract through 2013. Controversy is marketable. Nike and Kraft Foods have come out with public statements of support for Serena. Yes, Kraft Foods sponsors Serena through the Oreo Double Stuff Racing League. Hey Serena, want a cookie?

Here is a brilliant taste of Serena’s joint endeavor with Daniel Paisner, On the Line,

“’In my book On the Line, I want everyone to not only enjoy it, but I would like everyone to learn from it- how to stay strong when it seems like everyone is pulling against you. How to stay positive, how to pull through. Because in the end, there is a light that always gets brighter. You just have to keep reaching for it.’


Serena Williams”

How touching. If you would like more information on Serena’s tips for maintaining composure during stressful situations, pick up a copy of On the Line. In a recent interview, Daddy Richard Williams shared his own interest in literature. He claims to have written thirty-five books, and intends to finally publish his first, How I Made It With Venus and Serena, by January 2010. After his daughter’s outburst, he may finally find a publisher.

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