Senior Prespective: My First Week in College

I never thought this time in my life would arrive: my last first week of college. However, at the same time, I can vividly remember my first week as a freshman because it feels like yesterday. In any case, I am not here to reminisce about freshman year. Rather, I am here to discuss my last first week of college and what that felt like for me. To be honest, I did not put much thought into the fact that this would be the last time I moved back to SU, decorated my room, or dealt with any of the taken-for-granted nuances that I have become so accustomed to throughout my time in college. Now that I am writing this article and actually reflecting on my first last week, I find that I have mixed feelings on the subject. On the one hand, I find it exciting because at this time next year, I will be starting my career. On the other hand, I am scared about not having the comfort of the SU bubble or the friends nearby that I have grown so close to.

One thing that always remains the same no matter how many “first weeks” of college that I find myself in the midst of is this: I am always nervous. Nervous about the class, the professor, the requirements, and the students that will be surrounding me for nearly four bound-to-be-intense months. Even though I am nearly done with my major and minor, and thus, have shared the classroom space with many of the same students and, at times, professors, I still am unable to shake the feeling of initial anxiety and nervousness, especially when dealing with classes outside my major/minor. For example, this semester I am taking a lecture art class. I know nothing about art and am not artistically inclined in any shape or form. I am also taking a performance class and, once again, I find myself out of my element. I was even more nervous in these two classes my first week than any of my other classes. The good news, I suppose, is that it gets easier as you get older, even if you do still experience nervousness no matter what grade you are in. At least now I know how the SU environment operates and I know my way around campus which—let’s face it—was a nerve wracking place to figure out my freshmen year, no matter how small it actually is in comparison to other campuses.

I feel as though it is my duty to not only tell you about my last first week at SU, but to also leave you with helpful, authentic advice. First of all, do not take anytime in college for granted. Everything has importance as well as a purpose. Do not “sweat the small stuff,” as the saying goes. Take time out of your busy, hectic and stressful schedule to kick back and relax. These are, after all, some of the best years of your life. Get involved with as much as you can and do not let uncertainties get the best of you. I will admit that there were some activities that I wanted to be involved in that I did not take advantage of because I was not sure I would fit in with the crowd or I felt it might be too “time consuming.” Do not follow that example. Try everything you are interested in. If you find something is not working out, at least you gave it a chance. Most importantly, record everything about your last first week of college. I truthfully did not realize how monumental that time was until it had already passed.

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