Craigslist Gives People Second Chances

Written by Kendra Lancaster
Our Features Editor Tries to Get Her Second Chance - Courtesy of Michael Morgan

“Blue Eyed Cutie at Southwestern Baseball Game Saturday Afternoon – m4w.”

Are you a blue-eyed female who happened to go to the SU baseball game against Schreiner? At the game did you happen to be asked how to get to Subway by a couple of guys? Did you happen to share a special connection with one of these boys who stayed behind to talk to you?

Well, if you happened to answer yes to those three questions, then the potential love of your life is out there trying to find you!

Craigslist is a website which has become famous for connecting a person who has something with another who may want it. It seems like almost anything now days can be found on Craigslist: dogs, houses, even jobs.

But now, Craigslist has taken it a step further. Instead of just finding household items on the website, you can search for your “missed connections” in life.

Did you happen to run into a cutie the other day at the grocery store and sparks flew? Well you could go searching to see if they felt enough of those sparks to find you! It’s simple enough.

Just go to, find the city you want to look in, and then under the section marked “personals” click on “Missed Connections.” [WebEd: Or just go here...Missed Connections]

From there you need to confirm that you are at least 18 years old, agree that you understand there may be some “adult content” on the next page, and so on. From there, go and explore to see if one of those topics is about you.

There will be a short description of what happened (example from a real post: beautiful girl by the shuffleboard table), and then a description of where it happened (same example, Cindy’s, downtown Bastrop).

Occasionally in between, for a little extra help, the poster may have put a W or a M (for woman or man) by the number 4 with another W or M. So M4W would mean the poster was a male seeking a woman.

If anything you read sounds familiar, simply click on the link to see if it continues to seem like it could have been written about you.

How about you were driving on I-35 yesterday by the Round Rock Outlet mall, and you happened to eye flirt with the gorgeous driver in the flashy car right next to you?

You checked to see if there was a post about it on Missed Connections, and there was not. Well, you could take the initiative and post one for yourself.

At the same page right after you state that you are over the age of 18, simply go up to the top of the page on the right and click “post.”

Right afterwards click on “missed connections” again, and post what your gender is, and what the other person’s gender was. If you do not feel comfortable with this specific step, it is possible to skip it.

From there, fill out whatever you want to whoever you want. How about the title being “Cute Blonde playing Shuffle Board.” Location? “SU Cove.”

Just write a short little description of the event which transpired. Then simply put in the email at which you would want to be contacted and send it off in to the World Wide Web and see if you find your other half. Or more appropriate in this situation, see if your other half finds you.

After 30 days, your post will expire, and that one opportunity has vanished. But, luckily, you can continue to post new opportunities which have appeared in your life until you get a response from somebody!

It’s nice to see how romance is not dead in this day of age. Many of these posts are full of hope of finding that certain person out there. Just knowing that people haven’t given up on the search for their soul mate should warm the coldest of hearts.

How could anybody not be touched by a post like this? “I walked out of class and you almost ran into me, We made eye contact and I’m sorry for staring, but you can’t blame me. I can live if you don’t see this, as long as we run into each other again.”

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