The 25 things I hate more than the 25 random things on Facebook.

Written by Lori Higgenbotham
1. Nothing.
That wasn’t too hard. I’m sure everyone is experiencing the same thing here. It’s like a virus. Actually, it’s worse than a virus because I can’t take Facebook to ITS and have them fix it like they did my computer last year.
There are a couple of things I just don’t understand here. First of all, how is everyone coming up with all these 25 interesting things? Really, why are there 25? Thinking about it, I can’t come up with 25 things about myself I think anyone would be remotely interested in. I guess I’m just not “random” enough.

Wait, I’ve got one.
2. I spend hours upon hours in the library because I’m a graduating senior with a weird paired major at an extremely difficult liberal arts college, and despite the fact that all my applications for grad school are in, I just can’t let myself slack off and, like, enjoy life.

So how much do you not care? As much as I don’t care that when you were 12 you had an imaginary friend? Or that you once made out with your best friend’s boyfriend?

I guess it’s something about the neat fonts and perfect letters and anonymity (yes, it’s still anonymity—you’re hiding behind this little Facebook person you’ve created for yourself) that makes people want to package themselves up into 25 seemingly witty one-liners.

3. I so love this blogging thing.

4. And salmon. 

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