Dr. McClendon Responds to Hughes’s “Study Uncovers Pay Inequalities”

Written by Dr. Thomas McClendon
[Link to the Original Article: Study Uncovers Pay Inequalities]
Dr. Thomas McClendon - Courtesy of My.SouthwesternThis is a serious problem that should be addressed as fairly and as
quickly as possible. Perhaps if senior staff whose salaries exceed
$150,000 per year were to accept a 10% pay cut, the necessary funds to
address this gap could be found quickly.

At the same time, this serious problem of equity should not distract
us from another serious problem affecting faculty salaries as a whole:
over the past decade we have fallen from the 90th percentile to the
70th percentile of faculty salaries nationally. This has a serious
negative effect on recruiting and retention of high-quality faculty
members. Given current financial realities, this will take longer to
address, but the administration and board should commit themselves to
address it.

Thomas V. McClendon, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of History
Southwestern University

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