Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Is Only Worth a Rent

Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist Poster | Courtesy of Google 

Written by Hannah Richard

Are you itching to watch a hilarious, laugh out loud, yet cute and sweet romantic comedy? Then Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is definitely not for you! If you are, however, interested in a New York City version of The Hills, minus some cat fighting, plus some vomiting, then this is the perfect film for you! What I thought would prove to be another funny teen movie, proved to be, well, a very lackluster, monotonous, not so funny teen movie.

In Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist Michael Cera, recognizable from his roles in Juno and Superbad, plays Nick O’Leary, a heartbroken, nerdy guy. His costar Kat Dennings, famous for her roles in Charlie Bartlett and Raise Your Voice, plays Norah Silverberg, a high school senior who desperately wants to prove to one of her friends that she really does have a boyfriend.

Cera pretty much revives the nerdy, socially awkward role he played in Juno for his role in Playlist, only with a slight added twinge of coolness. One can’t help but sympathize with Cera in any situation because of his cute little nose, wavy hair and petite frame. I have to wonder, will he ever make movies that aren’t geared toward sixteen year olds? Okay Michael Cera, we all get that you are ridiculously adorable, but what happens when you hit puberty, your voice drops and you lose your nerd appeal? Huh, huh?

I digress. The movie begins with Nick leaving an extremely long and pathetic voicemail for his ex girlfriend, Tris, in hopes that she will take back all the mean things she said when she broke up with him on his birthday. His friends and band mates convince him to leave the house to perform a club later that night. At school, Tris shows Norah and Caroline, Norah’s best friend, a mix CD that Nick had made for her and throws it away. Norah takes the mix CD out of the garbage. That night, they all end up at the same club in Manhattan, where Nick’s band, The Jerk-Offs, are playing. After performing, Norah asks Nick to be her boyfriend for five minutes to prove to Tris that she is going out with someone. Norah kisses Nick, not knowing that Nick is Tris’ ex. A long night of trying to find drunken Caroline, romance and searching for their favorite band, Where’s Fluffy, begins. After having no luck at finding Caroline, they all go to a club to see if the band and Caroline are there. Nick starts dancing with Norah only to be interrupted by Norah’s ex.

Caution: Spoiler alert! Go to last paragraph if you don’t want to know the ending!

They finally find Caroline on stage drunk at a gay cabaret dressed as a Christmas tree. On the way back home, Nick sees Tris waiting on the hood of his car, and realizes all the fun he had with Norah. So, he drives away leaving her. Nick and Norah meet up with him again and arrive at the Electric Lady Studios, which are owned by Norah’s father. Nick begins to sing and a steamy, passionate moment ensues between the two of them. Nick and Norah share a smile and go to the concert, only to leave to have fun by themselves.

Overall, the movie wasn’t that great. The soundtrack for the movie is better than the actual movie. Music from Vampire Weekend, The Submarines, Band of Horses, We Are Scientists and many more are featured on the soundtrack. So, if you’re looking for fun on a Saturday night, I’d say wait and go see Saw V or High School Musical: Senior Year (joking, please do not patronize Zac Efron in any way) or even better, save your money and rent it when it comes out on DVD.

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