Poll Shows SU Favors Obama

Obama vs. McCain | Courtesy of Google Image Search
Written by Kendra Lancaster

With the Presidential election just days away now, many Southwestern students and staff are ready to vote, if they have not already. But who are they going to vote for?

In a poll conducted by the Megaphone, it shows that Southwestern has a clear favoritism towards one candidate, and that is Barack Obama. Of the poll taken by 95 students and faculty, Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama received an impressive 71.6 percent of the votes. The Republican candidate John McCain came in second receiving 18.9 percent of the votes. 5.3 percent of the participants are still undecided on whom they will vote for come Election Day.

The most important issue to the Southwestern community, voted through the poll, is the economy and taxes, which received the plurality of the votes, with a high 30.5 percent. The energy and oil problem came in second, with 12.6 percent of the votes; while both the environment and Healthcare received 11.6 percent.

Every person polled said that they have been following the election since the
campaigning first began. Almost two-thirds feel like they have been following the
election “very much” while the other third has only followed it “somewhat.”

Much of the community is very opinionated on how they feel about each candidate, and also the vice presidential candidates too. Many expressed concerns over Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The words “terrifying” and “scary” were used multiple times in describing her. Another participant believes that Palin being chosen “was a mockery of the system.”

One undecided voter says “I am a Republican. I like McCain, but not Palin. She is swinging my vote toward Obama.”

One participant explains why they do not believe in Palin, “She is completely inexperienced, has very little foreign policy knowledge, and was chosen completely as a sex appeal ploy.”

But not everybody thinks that Palin is destructive, though. One person said, “[She] is one of the most inspiring modern-day women and her tough tactics and captivating personality will greatly aid Senator McCain.”

McCain was the subject of much criticism in the poll. Several participants have
discussed apprehensions on McCain’s behaviors, and what could come from that. He has been referred as “volatile,” “reckless,” and “bull-headed.”

Others believe that McCain will not bring the change they want; “his policies are far too close to Bush’s to pull us out of the huge wad of mess we are currently in.” Yet there are some supporters of him, including one who feels “Senator McCain’s policies are level-headed and immediately applicable and will not lead to higher taxes.”

Even though Obama received the most votes in the poll, he was not immune from criticism himself. One McCain supporter cited Obama’s lack of experience as the reason they were not voting for him; “Obama seems like an empty suit. He simply does not have the legislative or leadership background to make me feel comfortable voting for him.”

Another student had other reasons for not voting for Obama; “I would’ve considered Obama more strongly if people hadn’t treated him like a God. It scares me to see how blindly people are following him. He’s human. I promise.”

But of course many people had many exceptional things to say about Obama. Simply stated, many feel as if he is “the hope for the future.” In a counter to the argument that Obama is lacking experience, one participant said on the subject, “Barack Obama might lack a little experience in some areas but makes up for it by surrounding himself with people who have experience where he lacks it.”

People seemed to be excited about an Obama administration because of the change they believe will come. “Obama’s campaign platform reflects my values and aspirations for the United States. I have great hope!”

No matter which candidate you prefer, the most important thing is to vote. Early voting in Texas is going through the end of October, and most states are already sending out absentee ballots. Regular voting will be taking place on November 4.

P!nk's "Funhouse" is A Heartbreak Helper

P!nk  | Courtesy of Google
Written by Meg Susong

Funhouse, the fifth studio album from singer Alecia Moore, who performs under the more widely-recognized name P!nk, drops in stores next Tuesday. With its mix of sad, thoughtful love songs and fun, upbeat, feisty rock anthems, it does not disappoint. Funhouse serves as a more mature and paced follow-up to 2006’s I’m Not Dead, with lyrically stronger and admittedly more depressing songs – but no less fun to listen to.

Coming on the heels of a divorce, the album (originally titled “Heartbreak is a Mother——, but changed due to the labels’ worry about sales) is peppered with slower tunes and angry rockers, much like her last outing. This time, however, the content deals more with personal issues and romance, rather than outside and political topics. As for the final title, Funhouse, P!nk explains, “I look at life like a carnival. Clowns are supposed to be happy, but they are really scary. Carnivals are supposed to be fun, but really they are kind of creepy. But, we go and we buy cotton candy and we force our laughter and we get on rides and we strap ourselves in and we do it. And that’s like life to me, and love. Love is supposed to be fun, but it can sometimes be really scary. And the funhouse mirrors that make you look so distorted that you don’t recognize yourself and you ask yourself, ‘How did I get here? How do I get out of here?’ But, you think that you want to do it again. That is the same as love and life. It’s a metaphor for being in love and for life.”

The aptly named Funhouse opens with the #1 hit “So What,” a cocky tune about heartbreak and the (angry) aftermath. With sorrowfully lighthearted lyrics, such as “I guess I just lost my husband/I don’t know where he went,” the album sets its playful but serious tone.

“Sober,” the second track and recently announced second single, slows the album’s pace. With a solid drum beat however, it quickly picks up into a rocking chorus. The third track on the album, “I Don’t Believe You,” is a drastic shift in tone and style. Featuring a reverberating acoustic guitar and strings, it is one of the most chilling tracks on the album, and one of the most personal.

“One Foot Wrong,” carries a bouncing beat that is a common musical theme of the album. The next cut, “Please Don’t Leave Me,” is a pleading tune that likens back to her older work, but with a more mature tone to it. It is strong both lyrically and musically, but at the same time simplistic. I think it is one of the best on the record.

The guitars on “Bad Influence” sound as if they were pulled out of the Eighties, but given a modern twist. Musically similar to the hit “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger, it features typical witty lyrics about partying – and no one does a party song better than P!nk. Moving to bass-carried tune, the title track “Funhouse” is ska-induced and a metaphorical song concerning bad memories and clowns.

“Crystal Ball,” while feeling out of place on the album musically, is still lyrically sound and holds its own. “Mean” shows itself to be an old rocker akin to Aerosmith, which is a positive thing in this instance. The tenth track, “It’s All Your Fault” begins with a delicate piano intro and quickly moves to a hip-hop undertone with an urgent feel. One of the finest tracks on the album, both lyrically and musically, it has the classic P!nk feel about it, complete with an upbeat heartbreak chorus, featuring the lyrics “It’s all your fault/You called me beautiful/You turned me out/And now I can’t turn back.”

“Ave Mary A” has a late 90s feel about it. While it is not the finest track on the album, it does hold its own in a lyrically unique fashion, pulling references from interesting places. The twelfth and final track, “Glitter in the Air,” is a beautiful piano piece that serves as an appropriate closer to a wonderful album.

Overall, the album presents a more polished sound coupled with a more lyrically introspective P!nk. While the songs each have their own personalities about them, they all come together to create one of P!nk’s strongest albums to date. The upbeat tone felt through most of the album is contrasted beautifully with the melancholy lyrics and a painfully honest love-letter tone.

Says P!nk of the songs on Funhouse, “It’s like letting down the armor and admitting I’m human. I’m a girl. We all want to be loved and love. That’s all we want.” Songs like ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ are also kind of funny though. It’s like, ‘Okay, I’m an asshole, but love me anyway.’ I’m trying to be better. We’re all a work in progress.”

Be sure to pick up the fantastic release Funhouse in stores Tuesday, October 28th.

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Is Only Worth a Rent

Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist Poster | Courtesy of Google 

Written by Hannah Richard

Are you itching to watch a hilarious, laugh out loud, yet cute and sweet romantic comedy? Then Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is definitely not for you! If you are, however, interested in a New York City version of The Hills, minus some cat fighting, plus some vomiting, then this is the perfect film for you! What I thought would prove to be another funny teen movie, proved to be, well, a very lackluster, monotonous, not so funny teen movie.

In Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist Michael Cera, recognizable from his roles in Juno and Superbad, plays Nick O’Leary, a heartbroken, nerdy guy. His costar Kat Dennings, famous for her roles in Charlie Bartlett and Raise Your Voice, plays Norah Silverberg, a high school senior who desperately wants to prove to one of her friends that she really does have a boyfriend.

Cera pretty much revives the nerdy, socially awkward role he played in Juno for his role in Playlist, only with a slight added twinge of coolness. One can’t help but sympathize with Cera in any situation because of his cute little nose, wavy hair and petite frame. I have to wonder, will he ever make movies that aren’t geared toward sixteen year olds? Okay Michael Cera, we all get that you are ridiculously adorable, but what happens when you hit puberty, your voice drops and you lose your nerd appeal? Huh, huh?

I digress. The movie begins with Nick leaving an extremely long and pathetic voicemail for his ex girlfriend, Tris, in hopes that she will take back all the mean things she said when she broke up with him on his birthday. His friends and band mates convince him to leave the house to perform a club later that night. At school, Tris shows Norah and Caroline, Norah’s best friend, a mix CD that Nick had made for her and throws it away. Norah takes the mix CD out of the garbage. That night, they all end up at the same club in Manhattan, where Nick’s band, The Jerk-Offs, are playing. After performing, Norah asks Nick to be her boyfriend for five minutes to prove to Tris that she is going out with someone. Norah kisses Nick, not knowing that Nick is Tris’ ex. A long night of trying to find drunken Caroline, romance and searching for their favorite band, Where’s Fluffy, begins. After having no luck at finding Caroline, they all go to a club to see if the band and Caroline are there. Nick starts dancing with Norah only to be interrupted by Norah’s ex.

Caution: Spoiler alert! Go to last paragraph if you don’t want to know the ending!

They finally find Caroline on stage drunk at a gay cabaret dressed as a Christmas tree. On the way back home, Nick sees Tris waiting on the hood of his car, and realizes all the fun he had with Norah. So, he drives away leaving her. Nick and Norah meet up with him again and arrive at the Electric Lady Studios, which are owned by Norah’s father. Nick begins to sing and a steamy, passionate moment ensues between the two of them. Nick and Norah share a smile and go to the concert, only to leave to have fun by themselves.

Overall, the movie wasn’t that great. The soundtrack for the movie is better than the actual movie. Music from Vampire Weekend, The Submarines, Band of Horses, We Are Scientists and many more are featured on the soundtrack. So, if you’re looking for fun on a Saturday night, I’d say wait and go see Saw V or High School Musical: Senior Year (joking, please do not patronize Zac Efron in any way) or even better, save your money and rent it when it comes out on DVD.

A Glimpse Into the Life of a SU Conservative

Trey Fraye | Courtesy of Andrew Dornon
Written by Andrew Dornon
Here’s the story of Trey Frye, a freshman at Southwestern University. When I first met Trey, he espoused his loathing of a nationalized health care system. I instantly knew a long and conflicting relationship would follow. Being the generally stereotypical Southwestern student that I am, I can crack jokes about Republicans and Christians with the best of them. Trey Frye is both of those things. Thus, I assumed that my time with Trey would be filled with ethnocentric comments and imperialistic notions. The actuality of it all was rather different.

Andrew Dornon: So, Trey how would you describe your neoconservative, racist political views?

Trey Frye: “I’m economically conservative, generally against big government and a bit more socially liberal…not meaning socialized medicine.”

AD: Of course not. So, what’s your position on universal healthcare then?

TF: “I’m against it.”

AD: Because you hate poor people and think they should die in agony?

TF: “No.”

AD: But you’re a Republican?

TF: …[no response]

AD: Well if you are against universal healthcare, then should poor people just steal the healthcare?

TF: “Well, I guess they could, but they shouldn’t. There should be a more community-based system of providing healthcare.”

AD: Moving on, do you consider yourself part of God’s Army?

TF: Define God’s army.

AD: Are you ok with pictures of dead fetuses?

TF: “No.”

AD: What if they deter the vigorous slaughter of unborn children?

TF: “Well, I mean, I guess for educational purposes. I don’t really know, I’m going to have to plead ignorance.”

AD: What about bombing abortion clinics and the evil perpetrators of such vile acts?

TF: “That’s not the right response.”

AD: What is the right response?

TF: “It should be left up to the state; the people should be able to choose if they want to allow it. But no extremist bombings.”

AD: But what if no one’s inside?

TF: “That’s called vandalism…or arson. I don’t support that either.”

AD: I guess what I’m trying to get at here is this. Is Barack Obama a secret Muslim terrorist?

TF: “No, even though he does have ‘bomb’ in his name.”

AD: You’re aware that his middle name is Hussein?

TF: “Yes.”

AD: How do you feel about this? Can you think of any other famous Muslims with this name?

TF: “It’s just his middle name, there’s no connection.”

AD: So if Obama isn’t a terrorist, you must not be voting for him because he’s black. How do you feel about black people?

TF: “My roommate’s black and we get along fine.”

AD: So, I assume you’re going to vote for our beloved war hero, John McCain?

TF: “Yes.”

AD: Because he hates terrorists?

TF: “Partially…yes.”

AD: How do you feel about being surrounded by the Communist atmosphere that encompasses the Southwestern community?

TF: “Well, it’s there. I like being different.”

AD: How many people laugh at your political beliefs a day?

TF: “A few have snickered, more so about my religious views.”

AD: So they are terrorists?

TF: “No, not as far as I know.”

And there it is, a wild look inside the mind of Trey Frye, one of the only conservative Christians I know at SU. It seems to me that he isn’t a real conservative because he isn’t as overtly racist and foolish as most. This could just be a cover, as he tries to infiltrate Southwestern University and reveal it for the Commie breeding ground that it is. Who knows?

This interview instead might prove to disprove the notion held by many on campus that conservatives are horrible ignorant human beings that simply exist to enslave the world and keep poor people poor. I guess we’ll never know.

Equestrian Club Provides Opportunities for Horse Lovers

An Equestrian, Courtesy of Google

Written by Lorena Saenz

The great state of Texas has played a large role in the origination of the cowgirl and cowboy. A way of life, a culture, and a fashion are all included, and continue to be source of pride.

Being the first university in the state of Texas, it is only appropriate that Southwestern University is able to take its claim in this heritage through our very own equestrian team.

The Southwestern Equestrian Team is currently 10-12 active members with three team riders. The team representatives are Taryn Stafford, Derry Jameson and Lisa Scott. Continue reading

Theatre Review: The Producers @ the Palace

Producers - Courtesy of Google 

By Bernardo SchrimerMegaphone Lead Photographer 

Let me just start by saying you should have seen the 1968 movie. It’s good and it’s Mel Brooks. With that in mind, this is a more than good enough as an adaptation of the Oscar-winning musical.

The Palace Theater has graced conservative Georgetown with a production of Mel Brooks’ award winning musical The Producers that can barely contain itself in its own stage. As director Mary Allen Butler explained when she introduced the show, this production is the first to use every resource available on the stage, every backdrop and every square inch available on the stage. Having only seen the movies (original and musical adaptation), I was first surprised at the variety and number of songs and reprises in the stage production, many of which were apparently absent from the latest film.

To me, one thing would either make or break this production was “Springtime for Hitler”. To my delight, their take on the epic number showcasing all that should have gone wrong but ultimately went right in Bialystock and Bloom’s scheme was far more reminiscent of the number in the original 1968 film rather than the 2006 extravaganza. With that in mind, I consider show a complete success.

Continue reading

Food Review: Montana Mike's

Written by Josh Spencer
Megaphone Columnist

For this week’s review, I trekked across I-45 to take in Montana Mike’s Steakhouse. Now, normally I try to stay away from chains for my reviews, since by their very nature, they are not distinctive and offer less to comment on (I mean, do you really need a review on Chili’s?). However, Montana Mike’s is one franchise that I had never even heard of before its opening, so I was intrigued enough to give it a try.

The restaurant is located at 708 I-35 South, just down from City Lights Theatres and before Wal-Mart. As you would guess, it tries to impart an outdoors atmosphere with hunting and fishing items on the walls, which does the make the place interesting but borders on the cheesy (though the row of deer mounts was cool).

My group and I were seated in a booth, and Montana Mike’s got its first strike as I had to wipe off the seat myself of bits of chips before sitting down. Still not that big of a deal considering that the rest of the restaurant appears clean and that was the only issue with sanitation we had for the meal.
Continue reading

"Kill 'Em With Kindness" – Presidential Campaigns Turn Nice

Written by Andrew Dornon

In age of ever-increasing political animosity, this year’s presidential candidates have gone against all precedence and are now putting out advertisements painting their opponent in a positive light.

Both candidates began their advertising campaigns by tearing into each other with heinous portrayals and downright fabrications. This new twist has had political pundits in a flurry of nomenclature and after the dust had settled, it was announced that the term “teddy-bear ads” had taken over as the agreed upon colloquialism. Continue reading

Food Review: The Commons!

Written by Ben ParafinaI arrived on a quiet afternoon, campus had emptied out now that fall break had hit full swing. Classes had been empty and my usual routine of abstaining from breakfast left me with a distinct hunger. They say that hunger is the ultimate spice. But they also say that all brown things taste the same.I would not lie to you. I am a doctor. Continue reading

Conservative Pundits Get Their New Favorite Movie

Written by Laura Romer

Director and co-writer David Zucker of cult comedy classic “Airplane!” and the “Scary Movie” series has made a film that is, first and foremost, for entertainment. Is it entertaining? Yes, at times and no at other times. But when it’s good, is it good.

“An American Carol” opens with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” playing in the background as good ol’ Southern hospitality celebrates the Fourth of July with their red, white, and barbecue. Cue Leslie Nielsen, a Zucker film staple, to tell the tale of a Scrooge-esque character, an anti-war Michael Malone, and his quest to abolish the very same day that is being commemorated.

The satire follows filmmaker Malone (Kevin Farley), a not too inconspicuous incarnate of Michael Moore, and his quest of exposing the “truth” of America in award-winning documentaries, which might tell anything but the truth. Continue reading

Smoking Survey Divides Campus

Smokin’.  Photo by Bernado Schrimer, Lead Photographer

Written by Caitlin McShea

Recently the Megaphone sponsored a survey on smoking and invited all members of the Southwestern Community: faculty, staff and students, smokers and non-smokers alike, to take it. The Student Council will consider the results of the survey as they discuss legislation to create designated smoking areas throughout campus.

After analyzing the results of the survey one thing was made very apparent: The campus is completely torn when it comes to the potential creation of designated smoking areas on campus.

To make things clear, it should be noted that several indoor smoking areas already exist on campus. The current smoking policy, located in the student handbook, is in accordance with the Georgetown smoking ordinance #900558, and outlines in detail the designated smoking and non-smoking areas on campus. As it stands, smokers are permitted to smoke in the following locations: Continue reading

Taste of Georgetown Review

Written by Joshua A. Hughes
Megaphone News Editor

Saturday night, the air outside of the Georgetown courthouse had the heavenly scent of smoke. The source was the Taste of Georgetown event, which featured some of the city’s best and most well-known restaurants offering samples from their menus, being hosted inside.

Guests in line outside the courthouse waited to enter for the 7:00 tasting, the second of the day. The Georgetown Downtown association had advertised the event as “an adult cocktail party” where the dress code was “denim and diamonds.” The clientele, which was made up mostly of the middle-aged population of Georgetown, apparently did not get that message however, because the crowd gathered outside on the cool early evening was dressed in everything from shorts and Hawaiian shirts to slack and jackets.

Once 7:00 came, the doors were opened and people made their way inside.  The courthouse had three floors of foodie bliss for those in attendance. Those who worked their way from the top of the building down started their evening by enjoying wine from local vineyards on the third floor, including D’Vine Wine of Georgetown, Lost Creek Vineyard and Chisolm Trail Winery. HEB was also on hand, serving cheeses to pair with the wine selection. Continue reading